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Welcome to the LCS collection...

LCS is a mixed research unit (UMR 6506) of CNRS, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingenieurs de Caen (ENSICAEN) and l’University of Caen Normandie
    We prepare materials and study their properties in order to optimize their performance in the field of the environment and sustainable development, energy or for new technologies (sensors, drug vectorization …)
  • We are an efficient and productive laboratory classified A+ by the national evaluation authorities (HCERES, CNRS).
  • Our know-how in the field of catalytic materials and spectroscopic characterization tools are internationally recognized. We have technical platforms and experienced project teams in partnership relations with companies. We have a strong tradition of cooperation with industry (local, national, international) through fundamental research and service delivery (LCSValoris)
  • Within the framework of the’Institut Carnot ESP and thanks to our involvement in several national or international networks, we offer multidisciplinary collaboration means to find solutions to complex problems.

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