Temperature and polarization angular power spectra of Galactic dust radiation at 353 GHz as measured by Archeops

N. Ponthieu 1, 2 J.F. Macias-Perez 1 M. Tristram 1 P. Ade A. Amblard R. Ansari 3 J. Aumont 1 E. Aubourg 4, 5 Alain Benoit 6 J.-Ph. Bernard 7 A. Blanchard 8 J. J. Bock F.R. Bouchet 9 A. Bourrachot 3 P. Camus 10 J.-F. Cardoso 4, 11 F. Couchot 3 P. De Bernardis J. Delabrouille 4, 11 F.-X. Désert 12 M. Douspis 8 L. Dumoulin 13 Ph. Filliatre 5 P. Fosalba M. Giard 7 Y. Giraud-Héraud 4, 11 R. Gispert 2 J. Grain 1 L. Guglielmi 4, 11 J.-C. Hamilton 14 S. Hanany S. Henrot-Versillé 3 J. Kaplan 4, 11 G. Lagache 2 A. E. Lange K. Madet 10 B. Maffei S. Masi F. Mayet 1 F. Nati G. Patanchon O. Perdereau 3 S. Plaszczynski 3 M. Piat 4, 11 S. Prunet J.-L. Puget 2 C. Renault 1 C. Rosset 4, 11 D. Santos 1 D. Vibert 9 D. Yvon 4, 5, 11
Abstract : We present the first measurement of temperature and polarization angular power spectra of the diffuse emission of Galactic dust at 353 GHz as seen by Archeops on 20% of the sky. The temperature angular power spectrum is compatible with that provided by the extrapolation to 353 GHz of IRAS and DIRBE maps using \cite{fds} model number 8. For Galactic latitudes $|b| \geq 5$ deg we report a 4 sigma detection of large scale ($3\leq \ell \leq 8$) temperature-polarization cross-correlation $(\ell+1)C_\ell^{TE}/2\pi = 76\pm 21 \mu\rm{K_{RJ}}^2$ and set upper limits to the $E$ and $B$ modes at $11 \mu\rm{K_{RJ}}^2$. For Galactic latitudes $|b| \geq 10$ deg, on the same angular scales, we report a 2 sigma detection of temperature-polarization cross-correlation $(\ell+1)C_\ell^{TE}/2\pi = 24\pm 13 \mu\rm{K_{RJ}}^2$. These results are then extrapolated to 100 GHz to estimate the contamination in CMB measurements by polarized diffuse Galactic dust emission. The $TE$ signal is then $1.7\pm0.5$ and $0.5\pm0.3 \mu\rm{K^2_{CMB}}$ for $|b| \geq 5$ and 10 deg. respectively. The upper limit on $E$ and $B$ becomes $0.2 \mu\rm{K^2_{CMB}} (2\sigma)$. If polarized dust emission at higher Galactic latitude cuts is similar to the one we report here, then dust polarized radiation will be a major foreground for determining the polarization power spectra of the CMB at high frequencies above 100 GHz.

Contributor : Lantz Simone <>
Submitted on : Tuesday, December 12, 2006 - 1:00:11 PM
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N. Ponthieu, J.F. Macias-Perez, M. Tristram, P. Ade, A. Amblard, et al.. Temperature and polarization angular power spectra of Galactic dust radiation at 353 GHz as measured by Archeops. Astronomy and Astrophysics, EDP Sciences, 2005, 444, pp.327-336. <10.1051/0004-6361:20052715>. <in2p3-00023663>