Discovery of Pulsed $\gamma$-rays from PSR J0034-0534 with the Fermi LAT: A Case for Co-located Radio and $\gamma$-ray Emission Regions

A. A. Abdo Markus Ackermann Marco Ajello A. Allafort Luca Baldini J. Ballet 1 Guido Barbiellini D. Bastieri K. Bechtol R. Bellazzini 1 B. Berenji R. D. Blandford E. D. Bloom E. Bonamente A. W. Borgland A. Bouvier J. Bregeon 2 A. Brez M. Brigida P. Bruel 3 T. H. Burnett S. Buson G. A. Caliandro R. A. Cameron F. Camilo P. A. Caraveo S. Carrigan J. M. Casandjian 1 C. Cecchi O. Celik A. Chekhtman C. C. Cheung J. Chiang S. Ciprini R. Claus Ismaël Cognard 4 J. Cohen-Tanugi 5 J. Conrad R. Corbet M. E. Decesar C. D. Dermer G. Desvignes 4 A. De Angelis F. De Palma S. W. Digel M. Dormody E. Do Couto E Silva P. S. Drell R. Dubois D. Dumora 2 C. Espinoza C. Farnier 5 C. Favuzzi S. J. Fegan 3 W. B. Focke M. Frailis P. C. C. Freire Y. Fukazawa S. Funk P. Fusco F. Gargano D. Gasparrini N. Gehrels S. Germani G. Giavitto N. Giglietto F. Giordano T. Glanzman G. Godfrey I. A. Grenier 1 M.-H. Grondin 2 J. E. Grove L. Guillemot 2 S. Guiriec 5 D. Hadasch A. K. Harding E. Hays G. Hobbs D. Horan 3 R. E. Hughes G. Johannesson A. S. Johnson T. J. Johnson W. N. Johnson S. Johnston T. Kamae H. Katagiri J. Kataoka N. Kawai M. Kerr J. Knodlseder 6 M. Kramer M. Kuss J. Lande L. Latronico M. Lemoine-Goumard 2 M. Llena Garde F. Longo F. Loparco B. Lott 2 M. N. Lovellette P. Lubrano A. G. Lyne A. Makeev R. N. Manchester M. Marelli M. N. Mazziotta W. Mcconville J. E. Mcenery S. Mcglynn C. Meurer P. F. Michelson W. Mitthumsiri T. Mizuno A. A. Moiseev C. Monte M. E. Monzani A. Morselli I. V. Moskalenko S. Murgia P. L. Nolan J. P. Norris A. Noutsos E. Nuss 5 T. Ohsugi N. Omodei E. Orlando J. F. Ormes M. Ozaki D. Paneque J. H. Panetta D. Parent 2 V. Pelassa 5 M. Pepe M. Pesce-Rollins M. Pierbattista 1 F. Piron 5 T.A. Porter S. Raino R. Rando S. M. Ransom M. Razzano A. Reimer O. Reimer T. Reposeur 2 J. Ripken S. Ritz L. S. Rochester A. Y. Rodriguez R. W. Romani M. Roth F. Ryde H. F.-W. Sadrozinski A. Sander P. M. Saz Parkinson J. D. Scargle 1 C. Sgro 3 E. J. Siskind David Stanley Smith 2 P. D. Smith G. Spandre P. Spinelli B. W. Stappers Jean-Luc Starck 1 M. S. Strickman D. J. Suson H. Takahashi T. Tanaka J. B. Thayer J. G. Thayer G. Theureau 4 D. J. Thompson S. E. Thorsett L. Tibaldo 1 D. F. Torres G. Tosti A. Tramacere T. L. Usher A. Van Etten V. Vasileiou C. Venter N. Vilchez 6 V. Vitale A. P. Waite E. Wallace P. Wang P. Weltevrede B. L. Winer K. S. Wood T. Ylinen M. Ziegler
Abstract : Millisecond pulsars (MSPs) have been firmly established as a class of gamma-ray emitters via the detection of pulsations above 0.1 GeV from eight MSPs by the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT). Using thirteen months of LAT data significant gamma-ray pulsations at the radio period have been detected from the MSP PSR J0034-0534, making it the ninth clear MSP detection by the LAT. The gamma-ray light curve shows two peaks separated by 0.274$\pm$0.015 in phase which are very nearly aligned with the radio peaks, a phenomenon seen only in the Crab pulsar until now. The $\geq$0.1 GeV spectrum of this pulsar is well fit by an exponentially cutoff power law with a cutoff energy of 1.8$\pm 0.6\pm$0.1 GeV and a photon index of 1.5$\pm 0.2\pm$0.1, first errors are statistical and second are systematic. The near-alignment of the radio and gamma-ray peaks strongly suggests that the radio and gamma-ray emission regions are co-located and both are the result of caustic formation.
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Astrophysical Journal, American Astronomical Society, 2010, 712, pp.957-963. <10.1088/0004-637X/712/2/957>
Contributor : Virginie Mas <>
Submitted on : Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 12:02:24 PM
Last modification on : Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - 1:26:25 PM



A. A. Abdo, Markus Ackermann, Marco Ajello, A. Allafort, Luca Baldini, et al.. Discovery of Pulsed $\gamma$-rays from PSR J0034-0534 with the Fermi LAT: A Case for Co-located Radio and $\gamma$-ray Emission Regions. Astrophysical Journal, American Astronomical Society, 2010, 712, pp.957-963. <10.1088/0004-637X/712/2/957>. <in2p3-00475596>




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