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, pulsars where a pure exponential cutoff (b = 1) is disfavored (T S b free ? 9) we also show the PLEC fit

, References used for pulsar distances and radio flux values have been assigned a number, and the number is reported in the PULSAR CATALOG extension. The REFERENCES extension (Table 22) provides the full information for each reference

, Because of the dominant low-energy magnetospheric emission, we classify this as type 'M' and not as a PWN. A phase-averaged analysis of this source for energies above 10 GeV is, LAT emission from this PWN was first reported in Ackermann et, 2011.

. Abramowski, Our off-peak analysis classifies this source as 'U' because its spectrum is soft and not significantly cut off. However, the SED appears to represent a cutoff spectrum at low energy and a hard rising spectrum at high energy. Acero et al. (2013b) significantly detect this PWN using the analysis procedure as described for J1023?575, PSR J1119?6127 (Parent et al. 2011) is associated with the TeV source HESS J1119?614 10, 2011.

. Lande, The off-peak emission from this pulsar is consistent with an exponentially-cutoff spectrum and is therefore classified as type 'M'. The source's marginal extension, PSR J2021+4026 is spatially coincident with the LAT-detected and spatially extended Gamma Cygni SNR, 2012.