Development and underground test of radiopure ZnMoO4 scintillating bolometers for the LUMINEU 0 nu 2 beta project

E. Armengaud 1 Q. Arnaud 2 C. Augier 2 A. Benoit 2 L. Berge 3 S. Boiko R. T. Bergmann J. Blueme, A. Broniatowski 3 V. Brudanin P. Camus I. A. Cazes 2 M. Chapellier 3 F. Charlieux 2 M. Chernyak D. N. Coron P. Coulter A. Danevich F. T. De Boissiere 1 R. Decourt M. De Jesus 2 L. Devoyon A. Drillien 3 L. Dumoulin 3 K. Eitel C. Enss D. Filosofov A. Fleischmann N. Foerster N. Fourches 1 J. Gascon 2 L. Gastaldo G. Gerbier 1 A. Giuliani 3 D. Gray M. Gros 1 L. Hehn S. Henry S. Herve 3 G. Heuermann V. Humbert 3 M. Ivanov I. A. Juillard 2 C. Kefelian 2 M. Kleifges H. Kluck V. Kobychev V. F. Koskas V. Kozlov H. Kraus A. Kudryavtsev,v. Hélène Le Sueur 3 M. Loidl 4 P. Magnie, P. Makarov E. M. Mancuso 3 P. De Marcillac 3 S. Marnieros 3 C. Marrache-Kikuchi 3 A. Menshikov G. Nasonov S. -F. Navick X. C. Nones 1 E. Olivieri 3 P. Pari B. Paul Y. Penichot 1 G. Pessina M.C. Piro 3 O. Plantevin 3 V. Poda D. 3 T. Redon M. Robinson M. Rodrigues 4 S. Rozov V. Sanglard 2 B. Schmidt S. Scorza N. Shlegel V. B. Siebenborn O. Strazzer D. Tcherniakhovski M. Tenconi 3 L. Torres I. Tretyak V. L. Vagneron 2 V. Vasiliev Ya Matias Velázquez 5 Oudomsack Viraphong 5 J. Walker R. M. Weber E. Yakushev X. Zhang N. Zhdankov V.
CSNSM - Centre de Spectrométrie Nucléaire et de Spectrométrie de Masse, CSNSM - Centre de Sciences Nucléaires et de Sciences de la Matière
4 LNHB - Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel
DM2I - Département Métrologie Instrumentation & Information : DRT/LIST/DM2I
Abstract : The LUMINEU (Luminescent Underground Molybdenum Investigation for NEUtrino mass and nature) project envisages a high-sensitivity search for neutrinoless double beta (0 nu 2 beta) decay of Mo-100 with the help of scintillating bolometers based on zinc molybdate (ZnMoO4) crystals. One of the crucial points for the successful performance of this experiment is the development of a protocol for producing high quality large mass ZnMoO4 crystal scintillators with extremely high internal radiopurity. Here we report a significant progress in the development of large volume ZnMoO4 crystalline boules (with mass up to 1 kg) from deeply purified materials. We present and discuss the results achieved with two ZnMoO4 samples (with mass of about 0.3 kg each): one is a precursor of the LUMINEU project, while the other one was produced in the framework of LUMINEU with an improved purification / crystallization procedure. The two crystals were measured deep underground as scintillating bolometers in the EDELWEISS dilution refrigerator at the Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane (France) protected by a rock overburden corresponding to 4800 m w.e. The results indicate that both tested crystals are highly radiopure. However, the advanced LUMINEU sample shows a clear improvement with respect to the precursor, exhibiting only a trace internal contamination related with Po-210 at the level of 1 mBq/kg, while the activity of Ra-226 and Th-228 is below 0.005 mBq/kg. This demonstrates that the LUMINEU purification and crystal-growth procedures are very efficient and leads to radiopurity levels which exceedingly satisfy not only the LUMINEU goals but also the requirements of a next-generation 0 nu 2 beta experiment.
Type de document :
Article dans une revue
Journal of Instrumentation, IOP Publishing, 2015, 10 (05), P05007 (19 p.). 〈10.1088/1748-0221/10/05/P05007〉
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E. Armengaud, Q. Arnaud, C. Augier, A. Benoit, L. Berge, et al.. Development and underground test of radiopure ZnMoO4 scintillating bolometers for the LUMINEU 0 nu 2 beta project. Journal of Instrumentation, IOP Publishing, 2015, 10 (05), P05007 (19 p.). 〈10.1088/1748-0221/10/05/P05007〉. 〈in2p3-01186517〉



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