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Physical Review D 83 (2011) 43528
Light from cosmic strings
D.A. Steer1, T. Vachaspati

The time-dependent metric of a cosmic string leads to an effective interaction between the string and photons--the "gravitational Aharonov-Bohm" effect--and causes cosmic strings to emit light. We evaluate the radiation of pairs of photons from cosmic strings and find that the emission from cusps, kinks and kink-kink collisions occurs with a flat spectrum at all frequencies up to the string scale. Further, cusps emit a beam of photons, kinks emit along a curve, and the emission at a kink-kink collision is in all directions. The emission of light from cosmic strings could provide an important new observational signature of cosmic strings that is within reach of current experiments for a range of string tensions.
1:  APC - UMR 7164 - AstroParticule et Cosmologie
Physics/High Energy Physics - Theory
Particle-theory and field-theory models of the early Universe
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