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Astrophysical Journal 699 (2009) 1223-1228
Discovery of Red-skewed K α Iron Line in Cyg X-2 with Suzaku
N. Shaposhnikov1, L. Titarchuk1, P. Laurent2, 3

We report on the Suzaku observation of neutron star (NS) low-mass X-ray binary Cygnus X-2 which reveals a presence of the iron K α emission line. The line profile shows a significant red wing. This discovery increases the number of NS sources where red-skewed iron lines were observed and strongly suggests that this phenomenon is common not only in black holes but also in other types of accreting compact objects. We examine the line profile in terms of models which attribute its production to the relativistic effects due to reflection of X-ray radiation from a cold accretion disk and also as a result of the line formation in the extended wind/outflow configuration. Both models are able to adequately represent the observed line profile. We consider the results of line modeling in the context of subsecond variability. While we were unable to conclusively disqualify one of the models, we find that the wind paradigm has several advantages over the relativistic disk reflection model.
1 :  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
2 :  APC - UMR 7164 - AstroParticule et Cosmologie
3 :  IRFU - Institut de Recherches sur les lois Fondamentales de l'Univers (ex DAPNIA)
Planète et Univers/Astrophysique/Phénomènes cosmiques de haute energie

Physique/Astrophysique/Phénomènes cosmiques de haute energie
accretion – accretion disks – stars: neutron – X-rays: individual: Cygnus X-2
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