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Astronomical Notes / Astronomische Nachrichten 332 (2011) 281-282
Metallicities of high redshift GRB hosts: The case of GRB 100219A
C.C. Thöne, J. Fynbo, P. Goldoni1, 2, A. De Ugarte Postigo, S. Covino, S. Campana

GRB 100219A at z=4.667 has been the highest redshift gamma-ray burst observed with the X-shooter spectrograph up to now. The spectrum covering the range from 5000 to 24 000 Åand a large number of absorption lines allows to make a detailed study of the interstellar medium in a high redshift galaxy. The ISM in the low ionisation state and the kinematics of the absorption line components reveal a complex velocity field. The metallicity measured from different absorption lines is around 0.1 solar. Other GRB hosts at redshift beyond ˜3 have similar metallicities albeit with a large scatter in the metallicity distribution. X-shooter will allow us to determine metallicities of a larger number of GRB hosts beyond redshift 5, to probe the early chemical enrichment of the Universe and to study its evolution from redshift 2 to beyond 10.
1 :  APC - UMR 7164 - AstroParticule et Cosmologie
2 :  SAp - Service d'Astrophysique
Physique/Astrophysique/Phénomènes cosmiques de haute energie

Planète et Univers/Astrophysique/Phénomènes cosmiques de haute energie

Physique/Astrophysique/Cosmologie et astrophysique extra-galactique

Planète et Univers/Astrophysique/Cosmologie et astrophysique extra-galactique
gamma rays – bursts – galaxies – ISM – abundances