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fulltext accessible on an other server Discovery of doubly magic $^(48)$Ni
Blank B., Chartier M., Czajkowski S., Giovinazzo J., Pravikoff M.S. et al
Physical Review Letters 84 (2000) 1116-1119 [in2p3-00003957 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Modified empirical parametrization of fragmentation cross sections
Summerer K., Blank B.
Physical Review C 61 (2000) 034607 [in2p3-00022755 - version 1]
fulltext access Analysis of the proton background in connection with the calibration of GLAST's calorimeter
Incerti S., Lott B., Reposeur T.
Rapport de recherche (2000) 1-16 [in2p3-00018228 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Cross-sections of spallation residues produced in 1.A GeV 208Pb on proton reactions
Wlazlo W., Enqvist T., Armbruster P., Benlliure J., Bernas M. et al
Physical Review Letters 84 (2000) 5736-5739 [hal-00008863 - version 1]
$\beta$p, $\beta$2p, and direct 2p decays of proton-rich nucli in the vicinity of $^(48)$Ni
Blank B., Borcea C., Chartier M., Czajkowski S., De France G. et al
Dans Selected topics on N=Z nuclei - International workshop PINGST 2000, Suède [in2p3-00019242 - version 1]
Feeding of ND and SD bands in $^(151,152)$Dy nuclei
Scheurer J.N., Aiche M., Aleonard M.M., Barreau G., Boivin D. et al
Dans Acta Physica Hungarica - International Symposium on Exotic Nuclear Structures, Hongrie [in2p3-00013538 - version 1]
Microwave production by a free-electron laser bunched beam driving a resonant cavity at 35 GHz
Lefevre T., Gardelle J., Rullier J.-L., Donohue J.T., Lidia S.M.
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 28 (2000) 812-820 [in2p3-00019172 - version 1]
The study of the beta-decay of $^(22)$Al
Achouri N.L., Aeystoe J., Béraud R., Blank B., Canchel G. et al
Dans Collisions Nucleus Nucleus - Book of Abstracts - International Conference on Collisions Nucleus Nucleus 7, France [in2p3-00008281 - version 1]
Neutrinos in the Pierre Auger experiment
Smith D.A., Bazer-Bachi R., Bergeret H., Bruel P., Cordier A. et al
Acta Physica Polonica B 31 (2000) 1403-1417 [in2p3-00008068 - version 1]
The Pierre Auger Observatory
Smith D.A., Zavrtanik D., Bazer-Bachi R., Bergeret H., Bruel P. et al
Dans Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplements - Topical seminar on neutrino and astroparticle physics 6, Italie [in2p3-00009830 - version 1]
Study of spallation residues of gold at 0.8 GeV/n in reverse kinematics
Tassan-Got L., Mustapha B., Rejmund F., Stephan C., Bernas M. et al
Dans Advances in Nuclear Physics - International Symposium on Advances in Nuclear Physics, Roumanie [in2p3-00008040 - version 1]
Proton emitting nuclei in a time dependent formalism
Carjan N., Talou P., Rizea M., Strottman D.
In Proton emitting nuclei - PROCON'99 First International Symposium, United States [in2p3-00018743 - version 1]
Angular distribution of protons emitted from oriented nuclei : toward imaging single-particle wave functions
Carjan N., Talou P., Strottman D.
In The nucleus : new physics for the new millennium - Conference on the Nucleus : New Physics for the New Millennium, South Africa [in2p3-00018742 - version 1]
New aspects in the decay of quasi-stationary proton states by multidimensional tunneling
Strottman D., Carjan N., Talou P.
Physica Scripta T88 (2000) 148-152 [in2p3-00022426 - version 1]
Angular momentum generation in fission fragments
Mikhailov I.N., Briancon C., Quentin P.
Dans Proceedings of the 2nd symposium Soloviev'99 - International symposium Soloviev'99 2 Soloviev'99, Japon [in2p3-00009829 - version 1]
On the Fermi-surface dynamics of rotating nuclei
Kartavenko V.G., Mikhailov I.N., Mikhailova T.I., Quentin P.
Particles and Nuclei, Letters 98 (2000) 39-43 [in2p3-00008023 - version 1]
Status of the NEMO-3 experiment for the study of neutrinoless double beta decay
Augier C., Baker J., Barabash A., Blum D., Brudanin V. et al
Dans Physics of Atomic Nuclei - International conference on intersections between particle and nuclear physics CIPANP 2000, Canada (2000) [in2p3-00007959 - version 1]
Double beta decay with the NEMO experiment : status of the Nemo 3 detector.
Arnold R., Augier C., Baker J., Barabash A., Blum D. et al
Dans Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplements - International Workshop On Topics In Astroparticle and Underground Physics 6 TAUP 99, France (2000) [in2p3-00018319 - version 1]
Correlations d'appariement et isomeres-K dans la region A$\sim$178
Pillet N.-M.
Université Sciences et Technologies - Bordeaux I (2000) [in2p3-00018267 - version 1]
Experimental survey on heavy-residues produced in relativistic nuclear reactions
Armbruster P., Benlliure J., Bernas M., Enqvist T., Boudard A. et al
Dans Ricerca Scientifica ed Educazione Permanente Supplemento - International Conference on Nuclear Reaction Mechanisms 9, Italie [in2p3-00006988 - version 1]