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Neutron-induced cross sections of short-lived nuclei via the surrogate reaction method
Jurado B.
Dans EPJ Web of Conference - 5th International Conference FUSION11, France (2011) [in2p3-00605535 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Discovery of two millisecond pulsars in Fermi sources with the Nancay Radio Telescope
Cognard I., Guillemot L., Johnson T.J., Smith D.A., Venter C. et al
Astrophysical Journal 732 (2011) 47 [in2p3-00605514 - version 1]
PIXE simulation in Geant4
Mantero A., Ben Abdelouahed H., Champion C., El Bitar Z., Francis Z. et al
X-Ray Spectrometry 40 (2011) 135-140 [in2p3-00605521 - version 1]
Isospin Impurities in sd Shell
Lam Y.W., Smirnova N., Caurier E.
ESNT workshop on "Isospin symmetry and its breaking in nuclear structure", France (2011) [in2p3-00608705 - version 1]
Isospin mixing and decay within the 'Highly Truncated Diagonalization Approach'
Le Bloas J., Bonneau L., Quentin P., Bartel J.
ESNT workshop on "Isospin symmetry and its breaking in nuclear structure", France (2011) [in2p3-00608704 - version 1]
Improved limits on β+EC and ECEC processes in Sn112
Barabash A.S., Hubert P., Marquet C., Nachab A., Konovalov S.I. et al
Physical Review C 83 (2011) 045503 [in2p3-00605516 - version 1]
Technical developments for computed tomography on the CENBG nanobeam line
Gordillo N., Habchi C., Daudin L., Sakellariou A., Delalee F. et al
20th International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis - 20th IBA, Brésil (2011) [in2p3-00645845 - version 1]
Internalisation Mechanisms of Modified Titanium Oxide Nanoparticles in Skin Cells and Multicellular Living Specimens : Resulting Toxicity
Delville M.H., Simon M., Girard A., Barberet P., Moretto P. et al
Imaginano 2011, Espagne (2011) [in2p3-00645864 - version 1]
Monte-Carlo method simulations in radiobiology and radio-induced DNA damage estimation
Francis Z., Incerti S.
The Lebanese Society for the Mathematical Sciences Second Annual Meeting, Liban (2011) [in2p3-00645688 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server The first Fermi multifrequency campaign on BL Lacertae: characterizing the low-activity state of the eponymous blazar
A. Abdo A., Ackermann M., Ajello M., Antolini E., Baldini L. et al
Astrophysical Journal 730 (2011) 101 [in2p3-00587827 - version 1]
Successive treatment with cyclosporine and infliximab in steroid-refractory ulcerative colitis.
Leblanc S., Allez M., Seksik P., Flourié B., Peeters H. et al
American Journal of Gastroenterology 106, (4) (2011) 771-7 [hal-00629687 - version 1]
Computational Study of Scission Neutrons in Low-Energy Fission: Stationary and Time-Dependent Approaches
Rizea M., Carjan N.
Communications in Computational Physics 9 (2011) 917-936 [in2p3-00576967 - version 1]
Biologically Active Molecules: Chemical Research, Development and Scale-up
Andrey D., Hübscher U., Y Zhang L.
Rapport de recherche [hal-00579880 - version 1]
197Au(n,γ) cross section in the unresolved resonance region
Lederer C., Colonna N., Domingo-Pardo C., Gunsing F., Käppeler F. et al
Physical Review C 83 (2011) 034608 [in2p3-00587586 - version 1]
Toxicity and internalisation mechanisms of modified titanium oxide nanoparticles in skin cells and multicellular living specimens
Delville M.H., Simon M., Girard A., Barberet P., Moretto P. et al
Hybrid Materials 2011 : 2nd International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials, France (2011) [in2p3-00646723 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Detection of a spectral break in the extra hard component of GRB 090926A
Ackermann M., Ajello M., Asano K., Axelsson M., Baldini L. et al
Astrophysical Journal 729 (2011) 114 [in2p3-00587734 - version 1]
First Quantitative Imaging of Organic Fluorine within Angiogenic Tissues by Particle Induced Gamma-Ray Emission (PIGE) Analysis: First PIGE Organic Fluorine Imaging
Lavielle S., Gionnet K., Ortega R., Devès G., Kilarski V. et al
Pharmaceutics 3 (2011) 88-106 [in2p3-00644568 - version 1]
THE Geant4-DNA project within FKPPL
Incerti S.
3rd FKPPL Workshop, Corée, République De (2011) [in2p3-00645675 - version 1]
Precision half-life and Q -value measurement of the super-allowed b emitter 30S
Souin J., Eronen T., Ascher P., Audirac L., Äystö J. et al
European Physical Journal A 47 (2011) 40 [in2p3-00587589 - version 1]
Two-proton radioactivity as a tool of nuclear structure studies
Blank B., Ascher P., Audirac L., Canchel G., Giovinazzo J. et al
Dans Acta Physica Polonica B - Zakopane Conference on Nuclear Physics "Extremes of the Nuclear Landscape", Pologne (2010) [in2p3-00532637 - version 1]