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Measurement of fragment mass-energy correlations for $^(248)$Cm(s, f): far-out asymmmetric fission and cold fragmentations
Benoufella A., Barreau G., Asghar M., Audouard P., Brisard F. et al
Nuclear Physics A 565 (1993) 563-572 [in2p3-00015346 - version 1]
Mass and nuclear charge yields for $^(237)$Np(2n$_(th)$,f) at different fission fragment kinetic energies
Martinez G., Barreau G., Sicre A., Doan T.P., Audouard P. et al
Nuclear Physics A 515 (1990) 433-465 [in2p3-00004543 - version 1]
Studies of cold fragmentation and far out asymetric mass division of $^(248)$Cm spontaneous fission
Barreau G., Audouard P., Doan T.P., Sicre A., Leroux B. et al
Dans Fifty years research in nuclear fission - International Conference on Fifty Years Research in Nuclear Fission, Allemagne [in2p3-00022451 - version 1]
A pile-up correction method for fission work with active targets
Leroux B., Caitucoli F., Audouard P., Asghar M., Barreau G. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research 206 (1983) 235-237 [in2p3-00019331 - version 1]