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Environmental manganese compounds accumulate as Mn(II) within the Golgi apparatus of dopamine cells: relationship between speciation, subcellular distribution, and cytotoxicity
Carmona A., Roudeau S., Perrin L., Veronesi G., Ortega R.
METALLOMICS 6 (2014) 822-832 [in2p3-01020559 - version 1]
Improvement and recent applications of the Tohoku microbeam system
Matsuyama S., Ishii K., Watanabe K., Terakawa A., Kikuchi Y. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 318 (2014) 32-36 [in2p3-00977087 - version 1]
Cobalt chloride speciation, mechanisms of cytotoxicity on human pulmonary cells, and synergistic toxicity with zinc.
Bresson C., Darolles C., Carmona A., Gautier C., Sage N. et al
Toxicology Letters 221 (2013) 0378-4274 [in2p3-00873216 - version 1]
High Spatial Resolution Chemical Imaging of Inorganic and Organometallic Pesticides
Ortega R., Carmona A.
Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology 4 (2012) 005 [in2p3-00776225 - version 1]
X-ray absorption spectroscopy of biological samples. A tutorial
Ortega R., Carmona A., Llorens I., L. Solari P.-.
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 27 (2012) 2054-2065 [in2p3-00767655 - version 1]
Coupling of native IEF and extended X-ray absorption fine structure to characterize zinc-binding sites from pI isoforms of SOD1 and A4V pathogenic mutant
Chevreux S., Llorens I., Lorenzo Solari P., Roudeau S., Deves G. et al
ELECTROPHORESIS 33 (2012) 1276-1281 [in2p3-00699389 - version 1]
Bio-metals imaging and speciation in cells using proton and synchrotron radiation X-ray micro-spectroscopy
Ortega R., Deves G., Carmona A.
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 6 (2009) S649-S658 [in2p3-00762347 - version 1]