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Double-beta decay prototype detector with multiwire drift tubes in the geiger mode
Arnold R., Blum D., Busto J., Campagne J.E., Dassie D. et al
In Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplements - International Workshop on Theoretical and Phenomenological Aspects of Underground Physics 2, Spain [in2p3-00015381 - version 1]
Multi-dimensional Langevin approach to the dissipative dynamics of nuclear fission
Wada T., Carjan N., Abe Y.
Dans Nuclear physics - Symposium on Nuclear Physics, France [in2p3-00022886 - version 1]
Multi-dimensional langevin approach to fission dynamics
Wada T., Carjan N., Abe Y.
Dans Nuclear Physics A - International Conference on Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions 4, Japon [in2p3-00015380 - version 1]
Information on nuclear shapes near the scission point from internal trajectory calculations
Oberstedt S., Carjan N.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 344 (1992) 59-60 [in2p3-00015379 - version 1]
Asymmetric fission of $^(149)$Tb from the finite-range rotating-liquid-drop model : mean total kinetic energies for binary fragmentation
Carjan N., Kaplan M.
Physical Review C 45 (1992) 2185-2195 [in2p3-00015378 - version 1]
Diamant - a 4 pi light charged particle detector array
Scheurer J.N., Aleonard M.M., Barreau G., Chemin J.F., Doan T.P.
In New nuclear physics with advanced techniques - International Conference On New Nuclear Physics With Advanced Techniques, Greece [in2p3-00015377 - version 1]
Study of light neutron-deficient nuclei with the Lise 3 spectrometer
Borrel V., Anne R., Bazin D., Borcea C., Chubarian G.G. et al
Dans Radioactive nuclear beams - International Conference on Radioactive Nuclear Beams 2, Belgique [in2p3-00015327 - version 1]
Double excitation of helium by 3 mev proton impact : experiment and theory
Bordenave-Montesquieu A., Gleizes A., Moretto-Capelle P., Andriamonje S., Benoit-Cattin P. et al
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 25 (1992) L367-L372 [in2p3-00015324 - version 1]
Interaction of multi charged ions at low velocities with surfaces and solids
Andrea H.J., Simionovici A., Lamy T., Brenac A., Lamboley G. et al
In Electronic and atomic collisions - International Conference on the Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions 17 Icpeac 17, Australia [in2p3-00015323 - version 1]
The decay modes of proton drip-line nuclei with A between 42 and 47
Borrel V., Anne R., Bazin D., Borcea C., Chubarian G.G. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 344 (1992) 135-144 [in2p3-00004580 - version 1]
Contribution aux logiciels d'essais des cartes electroniques vxi du multidetecteur EUROGAM dans un environnement reparti unix vxworks
Kadionik P.
Université Sciences et Technologies - Bordeaux I (1992) [in2p3-00015129 - version 1]
Approche dependante du temps des phenomenes de tunneling : applications aux potentiels a plusieurs minima a la desintegration alpha et a la fission nucleaire
Serot O.
Université Sciences et Technologies - Bordeaux I (1992) [in2p3-00023092 - version 1]
Hard photon intensity interferometry in heavy ion reactions
Ostendorf R., Schutz Y., Merrouch R., Lefevre F., Delagrange H. et al
Dans Revista Mexicana de Fisica - Nuclear Physics Symposium.15, Mexique (1992) [in2p3-00003056 - version 1]
Search for new radioactivities at the proton drip-line
Pougheon F., Borrel V., Guillemaud-Mueller D., Mueller A.C., Anne R. et al
Dans Nuclear shapes and nuclear structure at low excitation energies - Nuclear Shapes And Nuclear Structure At Low Excitation Energies, France (1992) [in2p3-00014635 - version 1]
Rte measurement with Xe$^(52+)$ ions channeled in a Si crystal
Andriamonje S., Chevallier M., Cohen C., Cue N., Dauvergne D. et al
Physics Letters A 164 (1992) 184-190 [in2p3-00013108 - version 1]
Data acquisition and interface users in the 4pi gammaray spectrometer EUROGAM
Aleonard M.M., Brightly D., Cresswell J., Diarra C., Dziri M. et al
Dans New nuclear physics with advanced techniques - International Conference on New Nuclear Physics with Advanced Techniques, Grèce [in2p3-00000892 - version 1]
A VXI based readout system eurogam
Aleonard M.M., Alexander J., Cresswell J., Gouillaud J.-C., Karkour N. et al
Dans IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science - Nuclear Science Symposium, États-Unis [in2p3-00013095 - version 1]
A new tool for the detection of two protons in coincidence at low relative momentum : the magnetic spectrometer speg at ganil
Martin L., Erazmus B., Sezac L., Lebrun C., Ardouin D. et al
Nouvelles de Ganil 43 (1992) 3-9 [in2p3-00000855 - version 1]
Esterification d'acides gras tissulaires par l'ethanol. Influence des lipides alimentaires
Sergeant C.
Université Sciences et Technologies - Bordeaux I (1991) [in2p3-00015820 - version 1]
Six identical superdeformed bands in $^(194)$Tl
Azaiez F., et A.
Physical Review Letters 66 (1991) 1030-1033 [in2p3-00022946 - version 1]