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Cadmium uptake by durum wheat in presence of citrate
Panfili F., Schneider A., Vives A., Perrot F., Hubert P. et al
Plant and Soil 316 (2009) 299-309 [in2p3-00374388 - version 1]
Modeling of 137Cs migration in soils using an 80-year soil archive: role of fertilizers and agricultural amendments
Monna F., Oort F., Hubert P., Dominik J., Bolte J. et al
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 100 (2009) 9-16 [in2p3-00374381 - version 1]
Cadmium uptake and distribution in Arabidopsis thaliana exposed to low chronic concentrations depends on plant growth
Dauthieu M., Denaix L., Nguyen C., Panfili F., Perrot F. et al
Plant and Soil 322 (2009) 239-249 [in2p3-00414469 - version 1]