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On the problem of Cerenkov light simulation for showers initiated by primary gamma-quanta with very low energy (approximately equal to 10 GeV)
Procureur J.
Dans Towards a major atmospheric Cherenkov detector-IV - Padova Workshop On Tev Gamma-Ray Astrophysics, Italie [in2p3-00022883 - version 1]
Dissipative decay of isomeric states
Grigorescu M., Carjan N.
Romanian Journal of Physics 41 (1996) [in2p3-00015137 - version 1]
Dissipative shape dynamics in the sd shell
Grigorescu M., Carjan N.
Physical Review C 54 (1996) 706-718 [in2p3-00000878 - version 1]
Nucleon mean free path in nuclear matter in a density-dependent sigma-omega model
Caillon J.C., Labarsouque J.
Physical Review C 54 (1996) 2069-2072 [in2p3-00000854 - version 1]
Primary mass composition investigation at energies 10$^(4)$ - 10$^(7)$ gev and selection of eas at mountain altitudes
Procureur J., Stamenov J.N.
Nuclear Physics B 39a (1995) 242- [in2p3-00023081 - version 1]
Stability of the symmetric multistep methods for the time-dependent schroedinger equation
Iitaka T., Carjan N., Strottman D.
Computer Physics Communications 90 (1995) 251-259 [in2p3-00015174 - version 1]
Zero sound and renormalization scale in the relativistic hartree approximation for nuclear matter
Caillon J.C., Labarsouque J.
Physics Letters B 352 (1995) 193-196 [in2p3-00015173 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Rpa calculation of k^+- nucleus cross sections with a density-dependen t dirac-brueckner nn interaction
Caillon J.C., Labarsouque J.
Nuclear Physics A 589 (1995) 609-619 [in2p3-00015172 - version 1]
Relativistic rpa response functions for quasielastic electron scattering with a density-dependent nn interaction
Caillon J.C., Labarsouque J.
Nuclear Physics A 595 (1995) 189-208 [in2p3-00023085 - version 1]
K^+ -nucleus total cross section and polarization of nuclear matter
Caillon J.C., Labarsouque J.
Dans Nuclear Physics A - International Conference On Hypernuclear And Strange Particle Physics, Canada [in2p3-00023088 - version 1]
KN s-wave phase shifts in the non-relativistic quark model
Silvestre-Brac B., Leandri J., Labarsouque J.
Nuclear Physics A 589 (1995) 585-600 [in2p3-00001731 - version 1]
Further development of the gamma array for investigation of primary particles and gamma-quanta with energies $10^5 - 10^7$ GeV at mt arragats
Martirosov R.M., Procureur J., Stamenov J.N.
Il Nuovo Cimento A 108 (1994) 299-311 [in2p3-00022440 - version 1]
Time-dependent schroedinger approach to sub-barrier fission
Carjan N., Serot O., Strottman D.
Dans Zeitschrift für Physik A - International Conference On Atomic And Nuclear Clusters.2, Grèce [in2p3-00015212 - version 1]
Constant efficiency selection of eas with energies 10$^(5)$ - 10$^(7)$gev at observation level 700 g cm$^(-2)$
Kirov I.N., Nikolskaja N.M., Procureur J., Stamenov J.N.
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 20 (1994) 1515-1526 [in2p3-00023083 - version 1]
Classical description of dynamical many-body systems with central forces spin-orbit forces and spin-spin forces
Goepfert A.
Université Sciences et Technologies - Bordeaux I (1994) [in2p3-00023090 - version 1]
Spin and isospin dependence of the nuclear liquid drop parametrization
Quentin P., Samsoen D., Bencheikh K., Chabanat E., Meyer J. et al
Dans Nuclear Shapes and Nuclear Structure at Low Excitation Energies - International Conference on Nuclear Shapes and Nuclear Structure at Low Excitation Energies, France [in2p3-00004120 - version 1]
Tunneling dans les potentiels a plusieurs minima
Serot O., Carjan N., Strottman D., Nieto M.M.
Annales de Physique 18 (1993) 275-298 [in2p3-00015353 - version 1]
One-body dissipation in agreement with prescission neutrons and fragment kinetic energies
Wada T., Abe Y., Carjan N.
Physical Review Letters 70 (1993) 3538-3541 [in2p3-00015351 - version 1]
Two-dimensional Langevin approach to nuclear fission
Carjan N., Wada T., Abe Y.
Dans Towards a Unified Picture of Nuclear Dynamics - Towards a Unified Picture of Nuclear Dynamics, Japon [in2p3-00015388 - version 1]
Multi-dimensional Langevin approach to the dissipative dynamics of nuclear fission
Wada T., Carjan N., Abe Y.
Dans Nuclear physics - Symposium on Nuclear Physics, France [in2p3-00022886 - version 1]