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Towards a Network of Atmospheric Cherenkov Detectors VII Cherenkov 2005, Palaiseau : France (2005)
Review of the solar array telescopes
D.A. Smith1

For several years the only experiments sensitive to astrophysical gamma rays with energies beyond the reach of EGRET but below that the Cherenkov imaging telescopes have been the "solar towar" detectors. They use > 2000 m$^{2}$ mirror areas to sample the Cherenkov wavefront generated by <100 GeV gamma rays, obtained Crab sensitivities of more than 6 $\sigma$ in one ON-source hour. I will review the history of the solar tower Cherenkov experiments from 1992 to the present and their key design features. I will describe some successful analysis strategies, then summarize the principal results obtained.
1 :  CENBG - Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires de Bordeaux Gradignan
Physique/Astrophysique/Cosmologie et astrophysique extra-galactique

Planète et Univers/Astrophysique
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