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Third International Workshop on Compound Nuclear Reactions and Related Topics (CNR11), Prague : Tchèque, République (2011)
Measurement of neutron capture and fission cross sections of 233U in the resonance region
I. Companis1, M. Aïche1, L. Mathieu1, G. Kessedjian2, P. Schillebeeckx, G. Barreau1, G. Boutoux1, S. Czajkowski1, B. Haas1, B. Jurado1, A. J. M. Plompen, V. Simutkin, I. Tsekhanovich1

In the framework of studies concerning new fuel cycles and nuclear wastes incineration experimental data of the alpha ratio between capture and fission cross sections of 233U(n,f) reactions play an important role in the Th/U cycle. The safety evaluation and the detailed performance assessment for the new generation IV nuclear energy system projects strongly depend on this rapport. Since the current data are scarce and sometimes contradictory new experimental studies are required. The measurement will take place at the neutron time-of-flight facility GELINA at Geel, designed to perform neutron cross section measurements with high resolution for the incident neutron energy. A dedicated high efficiency fission ionization chamber (IC) as a fission fragment detector and six C6D6 liquid scintilators are used. The method, based on the IC energy response study, allowing to distinguish between gammas originating from fission and capture in the resonance region, will be presented.
1 :  CENBG - Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires de Bordeaux Gradignan
2 :  LPSC - Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie
Physique/Physique Nucléaire Expérimentale