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Study of some excited states of $^(28)$Si
Dalmas J., Petit G.Y.
Canadian Journal of Physics 56 (1978) 917-927 [in2p3-00022339 - version 1]
Statistical-model analysis of fission isomer production for $^(237,235$Pu and $^(239)$Am
Fleury A., Delagrange H., Alexander J.M.
Physical Review C 17 (1978) 1721-1730 [in2p3-00022367 - version 1]
Fission-evaporation competition in Pu isotopes of mass 235-239
Delagrange H., Fleury A., Alexander J.M.
Physical Review C 17 (1978) 1706-1720 [in2p3-00022368 - version 1]
Projectile charge and mass dependence of large angle k-shell ionization probabilities on Copper
Chemin J.F., Andriamonje S., Roturier J., Saboya B., Gayet R. et al
Physics Letters A 67 (1978) 116-118 [in2p3-00022381 - version 1]
Stopping power measurements for 4-5 MeV/nucleon $^(16)$O, $^(40)$Ar, $^(63)$Cu and $^(84)$K in C, Al, Ni, Ag and Au
Bimbot R., Della Negra S., Gardes D., Gauvin H., Fleury A. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 153 (1978) 161-169 [in2p3-00016884 - version 1]
Excitation functions for quasielastic transfer reactions induced with heavy ions in bismuth
Gardes D., Bimbot R., Maison J., De Reilhac L., Rivet M.F. et al
Physical Review C 18 (1978) 1298-1316 [in2p3-00016859 - version 1]
fulltext access Evidence for quasi-static scission configurations obtained from long range particle accompanied fission distributions
Guet C., Signarbieux C., Perrin P., Nifenecker H., Leroux B. et al
Journal de Physique Lettres 39, 13 (1978) 213-215 [jpa-00231481 - version 1]
fulltext access Observation comparative du déplacement ionique dans les couches minces de PbF2 β et de CaF2 par diffusion Rutherford
Pistre J.D., Danto Y., Salardenne J., Saboya B., Chemin J.F.
Revue de Physique Appliquee 13, 5 (1978) 213-218 [jpa-00244442 - version 1]