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Search for $\alpha$ -particles emitted at rest in the break-up of the $^(12)$C- $\alpha - ^(12)$C molecule-like configuration
Scheurer J.N., Bertault D., Caussanel M., Quebert J., Fouan J.P.
Nuclear Physics A 319 (1979) 274-300 [in2p3-00022342 - version 1]
Cross sections and recoil properties of $^(83,84,86)$Rb formed by 0.6--21 GeV $^1$H reactions with targets of Y to U
Lagarde-Simonoff M., Simonoff G.N.
Physical Review C 20 (1979) 1498-1516 [in2p3-00019537 - version 1]
A detailed investigation of the thermal neutron induced ternary fission of $^(235)$U
Guet C., Signarbieux C., Perrin P., Nifenecker H., Asghar M. et al
Nuclear Physics A 314 (1979) 1-26 [in2p3-00019530 - version 1]
Systematics of vibrational bands in odd-neutron actinide nuclei
Egidy T. V., Almeida J., Barreau G., Boerner H.G., Davidson W.F. et al
Physics Letters B 81 (1979) 281-285 [in2p3-00022386 - version 1]
Nuclear structure studies from high precision neutron capture spectroscopy at the ill
Barreau G., Boerner H.G., Davidson W.F., Egidy T. V., Schreckenbach K. et al
Dans Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft - Spring Meeting Of The Dpg Nnv Dfs And Bnv-Sbp, Belgique [in2p3-00019366 - version 1]
High precision measurements of some gamma transitions in $^(227)$Ac $^(228)$Th $^(231)$Pa $^(232)$U $^(233)$Pa $^(239)$Np $^(239)$Pu and $^(245)$Am
Boerner H.G., Barreau G., Davidson W.F., Jeuch P., Egidy T. V. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 166 (1979) 251-255 [in2p3-00019299 - version 1]
Excitation energy dependence of the level density for fissionable nuclei
Carjan N., Delagrange H., Fleury A.
Physical Review C 19 (1979) 2267-2273 [in2p3-00022395 - version 1]
Production of $^(149g)$Tb in deep inelastic transfer reactions
Rivet M.F., Gardes D., Bimbot R., Fleury A., Hubert F. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 290 (1979) 57-66 [in2p3-00016878 - version 1]
Angular distribution analysis for quasi-elastic transfer reactions induced in $^(209)$Bi targets with heavy ions
Llabador Y., Hubert F., Fleury A., Gardes D., Rivet M.F. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 289 (1979) 173-181 [in2p3-00016846 - version 1]