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Vanadium in human serum as determined by neutron activation analysis
Simonoff M., Llabador Y., Peers A.M., Simonoff G.N.
Clinical Chemistry 30 (1984) 1700-1703 [in2p3-00019540 - version 1]
Extraction procedure for the determination of trace chromium in plasma by proton-induced X-ray emission spectrometry
Simonoff M., Llabador Y., Hamon C., Simonoff G.N.
Analytical Chemistry 56 (1984) 454-457 [in2p3-00019539 - version 1]
Angular dependence of k-shell ionization in ion-atom collisions
Morenzoni E., Anholt R., Andriamonje S., Meyerhof W.E.
Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 29 (1984) 2440-2447 [in2p3-00019522 - version 1]
Levels of $^(244)$Cm populated by the beta decay of 10-h $^(244)$Am$^g$ and 26-min $^(244)$Am$^m$
Hoff R.W., von Egidy T., Lougheed R.W., White D.H., Boerner H.G. et al
Physical Review C 29 (1984) 618-622 [in2p3-00019330 - version 1]
Reaction mechanisms investigated in interactions of $^(12)$C at 360 MeV on medium-mass targets
Hubert F., Pravikoff M.S., Moral R. D., Dufour J.P., Emmermann H. et al
Physics Letters B 149 (1984) 316-320 [in2p3-00007084 - version 1]
Beta-delayed neutron radioactivity of $^(15)$B
Dufour J.P., Beraud-Sudreau S., Del Moral R., Emmermann H., Fleury A. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 319 (1984) 237-238 [in2p3-00006969 - version 1]
Statistical decay of $(193a)$Au, $^(194)$Hg and $^(198)$Hg compound nuclei
Delagrange H., Benachou A., Hubert F., Llabador Y., Heusch B. et al
Nuclear Physics A 429 (1984) 173-192 [in2p3-00006965 - version 1]
Influence of the potential energy surface on the cross sections for deeply inelastic transfer reactions induced by heavy ions
Bimbot R., Gardes D., Reilhac L. D., Rivet M.F., Fleury A. et al
Nuclear Physics A 413 (1984) 489-502 [in2p3-00016868 - version 1]