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Real-time flavor tagging selection in ATLAS
Schiavi C., Stelzer J., Madaffari D.
Espagne, Espagne (2014) [in2p3-01022910 - version 1]
Cosmic-ray detectors for high-schools in France
Arnaud N., Berat C., Busto J., Chardin G., Dumora D. et al
37th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2014), Espagne (2014) [in2p3-01018448 - version 1]
Branching ratio measurement of B_(s) → μ μ decay at LHCb
Mordà A.
European School of High Energy Physics (ESHEP), Pays-Bas (2014) [in2p3-01021947 - version 1]
GDR Terascale
Serre T.
2014 European School of High-Energy Physics (ESHEP 2014), France (2014) [in2p3-01021271 - version 1]
Boosted Decision Tree and application
Coadou Y., Kégl B.
IN2P3 School of Statistics 2014, France (2014) [in2p3-00997259 - version 1]
Le boson de Higgs : 50 ans d'aventure, un Nobel et demain ?
Coadou Y., Davier M.
FPCP 2014 - Flavor Physics & CP Violation, France (2014) [in2p3-00997092 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Bianchi I meets the Hubble diagram
Schucker T., Tilquin A., Valent G.
[hal-00996879 - version 1] (27/05/2014)
Radiation Damage Tests at 1 Grad Dose on 65 nm CMOS Transistors
Barbero M.
Front End Electronics (FEE 2014), États-Unis (2014) [in2p3-00996607 - version 1]
Searches for electroweak production of supersymmetric gauginos and sleptons with the ATLAS detector
Ughetto M.
Phenomenology 2014 Symposium (PHENO 2014), États-Unis (2014) [in2p3-01021175 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Deep sea tests of a prototype of the KM3NeT digital optical module
Adrián-Martínez S., Ageron M., Aharonian F., Aiello S., Albert A. et al
[in2p3-00998515 - version 1] (02/06/2014)
Measurements of the production of vector bosons in association with heavy flavour quarks at ATLAS
Aad G., Baroncelli T.
XXII. International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects (DIS2014), Pologne (2014) [in2p3-00998538 - version 1]
fulltext access Tomographie spectrale à comptage de photons~: développement du prototype PIXSCAN et preuve de concept
Dupont M.
Aix-Marseille Université (18/04/2014), Christian Morel (Dir.) [tel-01019735 - version 1]
Indirect Search for Dark Matter with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
Bertin V.
Progress on Old and New Themes in cosmology (PONT) 2014, France (2014) [in2p3-00996476 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server The Tenth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First Spectroscopic Data from the SDSS-III Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment
Ahn C. P., Alexandroff R., Prieto C. A., Anders F., Anderson S. F. et al
Astrophysical Journal Supplement 211 (2014) 17 [in2p3-00903677 - version 1]
Latest Results on Rare Decays from LHCb
Serrano J.
2014 Les Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'Aoste, Italie (2014) [in2p3-00956694 - version 1]
Rare Di-Leptonic Bs Decays at LHCb
Mordà A.
2014 Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste, Italie (2014) [in2p3-00956671 - version 1]
W+c Cross Section, ATLAS
Aad G.
The top-charm frontier at the LHC, Suisse (2014) [in2p3-00935447 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Measurement of the Electric Charge of the Top Quark in $\boldsymbol(t\bar(t))$ Events
Abazov V.M., Sajot G., Stark J., Greder S., Miconi F. et al
[in2p3-01026175 - version 1] (21/07/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server Electron and photon energy calibration with the ATLAS detector using LHC Run 1 data
Aad G., Albrand S., Brown J., Collot J., Crépé-Renaudin S. et al
[in2p3-01026172 - version 1] (21/07/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server Measurements of spin correlation in top-antitop quark events from proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt(s)=7$ TeV using the ATLAS detector
Aad G., Albrand S., Brown J., Collot J., Crépé-Renaudin S. et al
[in2p3-01025001 - version 1] (17/07/2014)