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Evolutions and progresses in AC to DC inductive Processes in EPM.
Ernst R., Dumont M., Budenkova O., Li X., Ren Z.M. et al
HES-10, Italie (2010) [hal-00590586 - version 1]
morphological instabilities and alignment of lamellar eutectics during directional solidification under a strong magnetic field.
Li X., Ren Z.M., Fautrelle Y.
Acta Materialia 58, 4 (2010) 1403-1417 [hal-00590581 - version 1]
Using thermoforming capacity of metallic glasses to produce multi materials,
Ragani J., Volland A., Valque S., Liu Y., Gravier S. et al
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 504 (2010) S267-S270 [hal-00581444 - version 1]