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Level structure and reflections asymmetric shape in $^(223)$Ac
Sheline R.K., Liang C.F., Paris P.
International Journal of Modern Physics A 5 (1990) 2821-2831 [in2p3-00001096 - version 1]
Les nouvelles micrometeorites polaires
Maurette M., Hammer C., Pourchet M.
Le Courrier du CNRS 76 (1990) 114- [in2p3-00001094 - version 1]
Ion beam mixing of La(OH)$_3$/Cu bilayers
Mathevet J.P., Traverse A., Chaumont J., Gasgnier M., Megtert S.
Journal of Materials Research 5 (1990) 1970-1975 [in2p3-00001091 - version 1]
Ion beam mixing of La(OH)$_3$/Cu and La(OH)$_3$/SrO/Cu multilayers
Mathevet J.P., Traverse A., Megtert S., Chaumont J.
Dans Journal of the Less-Common Metals - E-Mrs Spring Meeting, France [in2p3-00001090 - version 1]
Ion beam irradiation studies of high temperature superconductors
Bernas H., Lesueur J., Nedellec P., Ruault M.O., Dumoulin L. et al
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B - International Conference on Radiation Effects in Insulators 5, Canada [in2p3-00001084 - version 1]
In-beam electron spectroscopy with collinear geometry
Dionisio J.S., Meliani Z., Schuck C., Vieu C.
Dans Nuclear and atomic physics with the accelerators of the nineties - Mikolajki Summer School On Nuclear Physics 21, Pologne [in2p3-00001082 - version 1]
In situ defect studies on Si$^+$ implanted InP
Zheng P., Ruault M.O., Kaitasov O., Crestou J., Descouts B. et al
Journal of Physics D 23 (1990) 877-883 [in2p3-00001081 - version 1]
Hydride epitaxy during implant of H$^+$ in Ti
Zheng P., Ruault M.O., Fournier D., Saint Jacques R.G.
Journal of Materials Science Letters 9 (1990) 75-77 [in2p3-00001080 - version 1]
Hydrated-layer formation during dissolution of complex silicate glasses and minerals
Petit J.C., Della Mea G., Dran J.C., Magonthier M.C., Mando P.A. et al
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Acta 54 (1990) 1941-1955 [in2p3-00001079 - version 1]
Heavy residue linear momenta in intermediate energy krypton-gold collisions
Aleklett K., Loveland W., de Saint Simon M., Sihver L., Liljenzin J.O. et al
Dans Physics Letters B - International Nuclear Physics Conference, Brésil [in2p3-00001078 - version 1]
EXAFS determination of the local atomic order of a metal-metalloid alloy formed by ion implantation
Pons F., Tourillon G., Thome L.
Physics Letters A 143 (1990) 425-428 [in2p3-00013145 - version 1]
Evidence for amorphization of a metallic alloy by ion electronic energy loss
Audouard A., Balanzat E., Bouffard S., Jousset J.C., Chamberod A. et al
Physical Review Letters 65 (1990) 875-878 [in2p3-00013144 - version 1]
Energetic ion beam analysis in the earth sciences
Petit J.C., Dran J.C., Della Mea G.
Nature 344 (1990) 621-626 [in2p3-00001076 - version 1]
Electron spectroscopy and nuclear structure
Dionisio J.S.
Fizika B 22 (1990) 333-370 [in2p3-00001075 - version 1]
Depairing-like variation of T$_c$ in YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_(7-\delta)$
Lesueur J., Nedellec P., Bernas H., Burger J.P., Dumoulin L.
Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications 167 (1990) 1-5 [in2p3-00001260 - version 1]
Decay of $^(133)$Pr and structure of $^(133)$Ce
Rapaport M.S., Bucurescu D., Liang C.F., Paris P.
Physical Review C 42 (1990) 1959-1964 [in2p3-00001072 - version 1]
Collective excitation spectra of transitional even nuclei
Quentin P., Deloncle I., Libert J., Sauvage J.
In Capture gamma-ray spectroscopy - Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Conference, United States [in2p3-00001071 - version 1]
Changes in target fragmentation mechanisms with increasing projectile energy in intermediate energy nuclear collisions
Loveland W., Aleklett K., Sihver L., Xu Z., Casey C. et al
Physical Review C 41 (1990) 973-987 [in2p3-00001069 - version 1]
Aramis: an ambidextrous 2 MV accelerator for IBA and MeV implantation
Cottereau E., Camplan J., Chaumont J., Meunier R., Bernas H.
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B - Ion Beam Analysis International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis 9, Canada [in2p3-00001067 - version 1]
Accurate mass determination of short-lived isotopes by a tandem penning-trap mass spectrometer
Stolzenberg H., Becker S., Bollen G., Kern F., Kluge H.J. et al
Physical Review Letters 25 (1990) 3104-3107 [in2p3-00013143 - version 1]