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Experimental and theoretical study of the nuclear structure of $^(223)$Fr
Sheline R.K., Liang C.F., Paris P., Kvasil J., Nosek D.
Physical Review C 51 (1995) 1708-1719 [in2p3-00012994 - version 1]
Evidence for muon-induced production of $^(10)$Be in near-surface rocks from the congo
Brown E.T., Bourles D.L., Colin F., Raisbeck G.M., Yiou F. et al
Geophysical Research Letters 22 (1995) 703-706 [in2p3-00000589 - version 1]
Electron microprobe studies of stratospheric and antarctic micrometeorites
Engrand C., Walter J., Zolensky M., Christophe Michel-Levy M., Kurat G. et al
Annales Geophysicae 13 (1995) C738- [in2p3-00000588 - version 1]
Electron microprobe analysis of antarctic micrometeorites and interplanetary dust particles collected in the stratosphere
Engrand C., Maurette M., Zolensky M., Kurat G., Walter J.
Lunar and Planetary Science 26 (1995) 375- [in2p3-00000587 - version 1]
Denudation rates determined from the accumulation of in situ-produced $^(10)$Be in the luquillo experimental forest Puerto Rico
Brown E.T., Stallard R.F., Larsen M.C., Raisbeck G.M., Yiou F.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 129 (1995) 193-202 [in2p3-00000586 - version 1]
Deep erbium-ytterbium implantation codoping of low-loss silicon oxynitride waveguides
Chelnokov A.V., Lourtioz J.M., Boucaud P., Bernas H., Chaumont J. et al
Electronics Letters 31 (1995) 636-638 [in2p3-00000585 - version 1]
Decay out of superdeformed bands in Tb isotopes
Petrache C.M., Duchene G., Beausang C.W., Beck F.A., Byrski T. et al
Dans Physica Scripta - International Symposium on New Structure Phenomena in the Vicinity of Closed Shells, Suède [in2p3-00000584 - version 1]
Creep of a crystalline metallic layer induced by GeV heavy ion irradiation
Benyagoub A., Chamberod A., Dran J.C., Dunlop A., Garrido F. et al
In Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B - International Conference On Ion Beam Modification Of Materials 9, Australia [in2p3-00012993 - version 1]
Coulomb excitation of the $^(178)$Hf$^(m_2)$ isomeric nucleus
Wollersheim H.J., Folger H., Gerl J., Happ T., Briancon C. et al
Rapport de recherche (1995) 92-93 [in2p3-00009601 - version 1]
Cosmogenic $^(10)$Be and $^3$He accumulation in pleistocene beach terraces in death valley california U.S.A.: implications for cosmic-ray exposure dating of young surfaces in hot climates
Trull T.W., Brown E.T., Marty B., Raisbeck G.M., Yiou F.
Chemical Geology 119 (1995) 191-207 [in2p3-00000583 - version 1]
Cosmogenic nuclide exposure ages and glacial history of late quaternary ross sea drift in McMurdo sound, Antarctica
Brook E.J., Kurz M.D., Ackert R.P., Raisbeck G., Yiou F.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 131 (1995) 41-56 [in2p3-00000582 - version 1]
Contrasting behavior in octupole structures observed at high spin in $^(220)$Ra and $^(222)$Th
Smith J.F., Cocks J.F.C., Schulz N., Aiche M., Bentaleb M. et al
Physical Review Letters 75 (1995) 1050-1053 [in2p3-00000580 - version 1]
Confirmation of the existence of a superdeformed rotational band in $^(192)$Pb
Ducroux L., Astier A., Béraud R., Duffait R., Le Coz Y. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 352 (1995) 13-14 [in2p3-00007574 - version 1]
Cluster irradiation of multilayers: mixing by electronic energy deposition
Layadi N., Bernas H., Garrido G., Chaumont J., Dumoulin L.
Physical Review Letters 75 (1995) 3301-3304 [in2p3-00000579 - version 1]
Chemical search for cometary grains in antarctic micrometeorites
Maurette M., Engrand C., Kurat G.
Lunar and Planetary Science 26 (1995) 915- [in2p3-00000578 - version 1]
Charge-state distributions of chlorine ions interacting with cold gas and with ionized plasma
Chabot M., Gardes D., Kiener J., Damache S., Kubica B. et al
Laser and Particle Beams 13 (1995) 293-302 [in2p3-00000577 - version 1]
Charge state blocking of K-shell internal conversion in $^(125)$Te
Attallah F., Aiche M., Chemin J.F., Scheurer J.N., Meyerhof W.E. et al
Physical Review Letters 75 (1995) 1715-1718 [in2p3-00009600 - version 1]
Carbonaceous phases in Antarctic micrometeorites and their mineralogical environment. Their contribution to the possible role of micrometeorites as 'chondritic chemical reactors' in atmospheres, waters and/or ices
Maurette M., Engrand C., Brack A., Kurat G., Leach S. et al
Lunar and Planetary Science 26 (1995) 913-914 [in2p3-00002466 - version 1]
Carbon in YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_(7-x)$: origin and effects
Gotor F.J., Pellerin N., Odier P., Cazy E., Bonnet J.P. et al
Physica 247 (1995) 252-262 [in2p3-00000564 - version 1]
Calibation of the new composite clover detector as a compton polarimeter for the eurogam array
Jones P.M., Wei L., Beck F.A., Butler P.A., Byrski T. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 362 (1995) 556-560 [in2p3-00003529 - version 1]