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Two-quasiparticle and collective excitations in transitional $^(108,110)$Pd nuclei
Lalkovski S., Minkova A., Porquet M.-G., Bauchet A., Deloncle I. et al
European Physical Journal A 18 (2003) 589-596 [in2p3-00014230 - version 1]
In-situ microscopy study of nanocavity shrinkage in Si under ion beam irradiation
Ruault M.-O., Ridgway M.C., Fortuna F., Bernas H., Williams J.S.
In European Physical Journal Applied Physics - International workshop Semiconductor defect engineering progress and prospects, France [in2p3-00014207 - version 1]
fulltext access The AME2003 atomic mass evaluation - (II). Tables, graphs and references
Audi G., Wapstra A.H., Thibault C.
[in2p3-00014186 - version 1] (02/12/2003)
fulltext access The AME2003 atomic mass evaluation - (I). Evaluation of input data, adjustment procedures
Wapstra A.H., Audi G., Thibault C.
[in2p3-00014185 - version 1] (02/12/2003)
fulltext access The NUBASE evaluation of nuclear and decay properties
Audi G., Bersillon O., Blachot J., Wapstra A.H.
[in2p3-00014184 - version 1] (02/12/2003)
Design status of WFCAM-a wide field camera for the UK Infrared Telescope
Henry D.M., Casali M.M., Montgomery D., Burch K., Laidlaw K. et al
In Instrument Design and Performance for Optical/Infrared Ground-based Telescopes - Instrument Design and Performance for Optical/Infrared Ground-based Telescopes, United States [in2p3-00014124 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Gamma-ray lines from cosmic-ray interactions with interstellar dust grains
Tatischeff V., Kiener J.
[in2p3-00020118 - version 1] (31/10/2003)
Evolution of the $\pi g_(9/2)\otimes \nu h_(11/2)$ configuration in the neutron-rich $^(110,112)_(45)$Rh and $^(114,116)_(47)$Ag isotopes
Porquet M.-G., Venkova T., Astier A., Bauchet A., Deloncle I. et al
European Physical Journal A 18 (2003) 25-30 [in2p3-00014063 - version 1]
Masses of nuclei close to the dripline
Herfurth F., Audi G., Beck D., Blaum K., Bollen G. et al
Dans Hirschegg 2003: Nuclear Structure and Dynamics at the Limits - Hirschegg 2003: Nuclear Structure and Dynamics at the Limits International Workshop on Gross Properties of Nuclei and Nuclear Excitations 31, Autriche [in2p3-00014058 - version 1]
Recent trends in the determination of nuclear masses
Lunney D., Pearson J.-M., Thibault C.
Reviews of Modern Physics 75 (2003) 1021-1082 [in2p3-00014057 - version 1]
Mechanical properties and in vitro degradation of bioabsorbable self-expanding braided stents
Nuutinen J.P., Clerc C., Reinikainen R., Tormala P.
Journal of Biomaterials Science Polymer Edition 14 (2003) 255-266 [in2p3-00013985 - version 1]
Inhomogeneous superconductivity in a ferromagnet
Kontos T., Aprili M., Lesueur J., Genet F., Boursier R. et al
Physica B 329-333 (2003) 1265-1266 [in2p3-00013984 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server SICANE a detector array for the measurement of nuclear recoil quenching factors using a monoenergetic neutron beam
Simon E., Berge L., Broniatowski A., Bouvier R., Chambon B. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 507 (2003) 643-656 [in2p3-00013675 - version 1]
fulltext access Cross sections relevant to gamma-ray line emission in solar flares:$^3$He-induced reactions on $^(16)$O nuclei
Tatischeff V., Duprat J., Kiener J., Assuncao M., Coc A. et al
Physical Review C 68 (2003) 025804 [hal-00000558 - version 1]
Effect of Ge-dots buried below the interface on the transport properties of Schottky diodes
Hattab A., Dufaye F., Meyer F., Vy Y., Vinh Le T. et al
Dans Physica E - International Conference on Superlattices Nano-Structures and Nano-Devices ICSNN 2002, France [in2p3-00013947 - version 1]
Planar tunneling spectroscopy of high-temperature superconductors: Andreev bound states and broken symmetries
Greene L.H., Hentges P., Aubin H., Aprili M., Badica E. et al
Dans Physica C - Polish-US Workshop on Magnetism and Superconductivity of Advanced Materials 3, Pologne [in2p3-00013946 - version 1]
Decay from superdeformed states in the mass 190 region
Lopez-Martens A., Hannachi F., Korichi A., Dossing T., Herskind B. et al
Acta Physica Polonica B 34 (2003) 2195-2205 [in2p3-00013945 - version 1]
Late Pleistocene to Holocene slip rates for the Gurvan Bulag thrust fault (Gobi-Altay, Mongolia) estimated with $^(10)$Be dates
Ritz J.F., Bourles D., Brown E.T., Carretier S., Chery J. et al
Journal of Geophysical Research B 108 (2003) 1-16 [in2p3-00013944 - version 1]
Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of SiO$_2$ from a Si(CH$_3)_3$Cl precursor and mixtures Ar/O$_2$ as plasma gas
Barranco A., Cotrino J., Yubero F., Girardeau T., Camelio S. et al
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 21 (2003) 900-905 [in2p3-00013943 - version 1]
Linking of yrast and excited superdeformed bands in $^(152)$Dy
Lauritsen T., Carpenter M.P., Janssens R.V.F., Khoo T.L., Fallon P. et al
Dans Frontiers of Nuclear Structure - Conference on Frontiers of Nuclear Structure, États-Unis [in2p3-00013941 - version 1]