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Search for neutron resonances in the $^(178m2)$Hf isomer and their investigation
Muradian G.V., Shatrov O.Y., Voskanian M.A., Yastrebova L.P., Volkov V.L. et al
Physics of Atomic Nuclei 66 (2003) 6-16 [in2p3-00012774 - version 1]
Mass measurements and nuclear physics-recent results from ISOLTRAP
Herfurth F., Ames F., Audi G., Beck D., Blaum K. et al
In Journal of Physics B - 3rd Trapped Charged Particles and Fundamental Interactions (TCPFI-3), Germany [in2p3-00012773 - version 1]
Phase sensitive experiments in ferromagnetic-based Josephson junctions
Guichard W., Aprili M., Bourgeois O., Kontos T., Lesueur J. et al
Physical Review Letters 90 (2003) 167001-1-4 [in2p3-00012772 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Study of the $^(18)$F(p,$\alpha$)$^(15)$O reaction for application to nova $\gamma$-ray emission
De Sereville N., Coc A., Angulo C., Assuncao M., Beaumel D. et al
Dans Nuclear Physics A - International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos 7, Japon [in2p3-00020012 - version 1]
Hunting grounds for Jacobi Transitions and hyperdeformations
Herskind B., Benzoni G., Wilson J.N., Dossing T., Hagemann G.B. et al
Dans Acta Physica Polonica B - Zakopane School of Physics 37, Pologne [in2p3-00012713 - version 1]
Mineralogy of carbonaceous chondric microclasts in howardites: Identification of C2 fossil micrometeorites
Gounelle M., Zolensky M.E., Liou J.-C., Bland P.A., Alard O.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Acta 67 (2003) 507-527 [in2p3-00013733 - version 1]
Physics at CPLEAR
Angelopoulos A., Apostolakis A., Aslanides E., Backenstoss G., Bargassa P. et al
Physics Reports 374 (2003) 165-270 [in2p3-00012695 - version 1]
Beta-neutrino angular correlation in the decay of $^(14)$O: Scalar coupling and interatomic interaction
Vorobel V., Briancon C., Brudanin V., Egorov V. A., Deutsch J. et al
European Physical Journal A 16 (2003) 139-147 [in2p3-00012653 - version 1]