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Effects of the Chernobyl cloud and fallouts in France
Désesquelles P.
International Conference on radioactive elements in human environment, Russian Federation (2009) [in2p3-00725117 - version 1]
Complete and Incomplete Fusion of 6He and 6Li Projectiles with Medium Mass Targets at Energy ∼ 10 AMeV
A. Krupko S., V. Daniel A., S. Fomichev A., S. Golovkov M., A. Gorshkov V. et al
In AIP Conference Proceedings - International Conference on New Aspects of Heavy Ion Collisions Near the Coulomb Barrier, United States (2008) [in2p3-00724942 - version 1]
An in-situ dual-beam TEM inside JANNuS platform
Décamps B.
In FEMaS - 1st workshop on fusion Energy Material Science - FEMaS, Portugal (2009) [in2p3-00724921 - version 1]
Nature of Defects Induced by Au Implantation in Hexagonal Silicon Carbide Single Crystals
Adam J.P., Rohart S., Jamet J.-P., Mougin A., Ferré J. et al
Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan 33 (2009) 498 [in2p3-00724695 - version 1]
Modification of SiO2 by Kr and Xe implantations
Oliviero E., O. Ruault M., Kaïtasov O., Fortuna F., Ntsoenzok E.
In Proceedings of the First Workshop on the Use of in situ TEM / Ion Accelerator Techniques in the Study of Radiation Damage in Solids - First Workshop on the Use of in situ TEM / Ion Accelerator Techniques in the Study of Radiation Damage in Solids, United States (2008) [in2p3-00724656 - version 1]
Microstructural analysis of the ageing of pseudo-binary (Ti,Zr)Ni intermetallic compounds as negative electrodes of Ni-MH batteries
Guiose B., Cuevas F., Décamps B., Leroy E., Percheron-Guégan A.
Electrochimica Acta 54 (2009) 2781-2789 [in2p3-00724648 - version 1]
Helium implantation into 4H-SiC
F. Barbot J., Leclerc S., L. David M., Oliviero E., Montsouka R. et al
Physica Status Solidi A 206 (2009) 1916-1923 [in2p3-00716700 - version 1]
First TEM analysis in a pure iron and a Fe-5wt.%Cr model alloy irradiated within JANNUS (in and ex-situ mode)
Brimbal D., Meslin E., Décamps B.
XV Workshop on Multiscale Modelling of Fe-Cr alloys for Nuclear Applications 2009, Spain (2009) [in2p3-00716686 - version 1]
Faisceaux d'ions - Théorie et mise en oeuvre
Fortuna F., Oliviero E., O. Ruault M.
Techniques de l'Ingenieur (2009) M4395 [in2p3-00716671 - version 1]
Characterisation of some thermally aged Fe-Cr model alloys
Kuksenko V., Pareige C., Décamps B., Pareige P.
XV Workshop on Multiscale Modelling of Fe-Cr alloys for Nuclear Applications 2009, Spain (2009) [in2p3-00703865 - version 1]
Charged Particle Dual/Triple beam studies at JANNuS
Décamps B.
Workshop "Measuring, Modeling and Managing He-dpa effects" 2009, Switzerland (2009) [in2p3-00703881 - version 1]
Interest of image matching technique with elementary dislocation mechanisms: Application to metallic interfaces
Décamps B.
Electron Microscopy and Multiscale Modelling 2009, Switzerland (2009) [in2p3-00703841 - version 1]
Superconducting Niobium/Silicon Bolometer Developments in the DCMB French Collaboration
Prêle D., Piat M., Bréelle E., Voisin F., Geoffray H. et al
Dans EAS Publications Series - Astrophysics Detector Workshop 2008, Nice, France., France (2008) [in2p3-00695750 - version 1]
Field Dependence of Electron Velocity in High-Purity Germanium at Cryogenic Temperatures
Aubry Fortuna V., Broniatowski A., Dollfus P.
In AIP Conference Proceedings - THE THIRTEENTH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON LOW TEMPERATURE DETECTORS--LTD13, United States (2009) [in2p3-00695301 - version 1]
Radiation effects in oxides foreseen for the immobilization and transmutation of radioactive wastes: case study of zirconia
Moll S., Thomé L.
In Microscopy & Microanalysis - Microscopy & Microanalysis 2009 Meeting, United States (2009) [in2p3-00695236 - version 1]
Interplanetary dust collections - The Concordia collection and Stardust mission
Duprat J.
6th VISTARS Workshop on Nuclear Astrophysics, Austria (2009) [in2p3-00695057 - version 1]
Extreme deuterium rich organic matter revealed by Antarctic ultra-carbonaceous micrometeorites from CONCORDIA collection,
Duprat J.
European week of Astronomy and Space Science - JENAM/NAM meeting April 2009, United Kingdom (2009) [in2p3-00695050 - version 1]
Applications of 10Be in polar ice cores
Raisbeck G.
3rd East Asian Symposium on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, Chine (2009) [in2p3-00695043 - version 1]
Cosmic-Ray Acceleration in Radio Supernovae
Tatischeff V.
4th International Sakharov Conference on Physics, Russian Federation (2009) [in2p3-00694995 - version 1]
Space-and-surface charge neutralization of cryogenic Ge detectors using infrared LEDs
Olivieri E., Broniatowski A., Domange J., Defay X., Chapellier M. et al
In AIP Conference Proceedings - 13th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors, United States (2009) [in2p3-00693288 - version 1]