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Exploring masses at the drip line: new MISTRAL results
Gaulard C., Audi G., Doubre H., Henry S., Lunney D. et al
Dans Nuclear Physics in the 21st Century - International Nuclear Physics Conference INPC 2001, États-Unis [in2p3-00011825 - version 1]
First results of a high precision mass measurement program for very short-lived nuclides
Toader C., Monsanglant C., Audi G., Conreur G., Doubre H. et al
Dans Nuclear Physics A - Radioactive nuclear beams International conference on radioactive nuclear beams 5 RNB-5, France [in2p3-00013624 - version 1]
Recent results on Ne and Mg from the MISTRAL mass measurement program at ISOLDE
Lunney D., Monsanglant C., Audi G., Bollen G., Borcea C. et al
Dans Atomic physics at accelerators: mass spectrometry - APAC 2000, France [in2p3-00010654 - version 1]
Precision mass measurements of very short-lived, neutron-rich Na isotopes using a radio-frequency spectrometer
Lunney D., Audi G., Doubre H., Henry S., Monsanglant C. et al
Physical Review C 64 (2001) 054311 [in2p3-00009892 - version 1]