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Metal-insulator transition in quench-condensed Al$_x$Ge$_(1-x)$: 'scaling' and tunnelling experiments
Lesueur J., Dumoulin L., Nedellec P.
Physical Review Letters 55 (1985) 2355-2358 [in2p3-00002055 - version 1]
Half-life measurements in doubly-odd $^(186,188,190)$Au nuclei and the $^(188)$Hg $\rightarrow$ Au decay
Abreu M.C., Berg V., Fransson K., Hoeglund A., Oms J. et al
Nuclear Physics A 437 (1985) 324-341 [in2p3-00001999 - version 1]
Decay of $^(185)$Au: sign of shape coexistence in $^(185)$Pt
Roussiere B., Bourgeois C., Kilcher P., Sauvage J., Porquet M.G.
Nuclear Physics A 438 (1985) 93-111 [in2p3-00014581 - version 1]
Micrometre-sized volcanic glasses in polar ices and snows
De Angelis M., Fehrenbach L., Jehanno C., Maurette M.
Nature 317 (1985) 52-54 [in2p3-00001840 - version 1]
The Chalk-River neutrino-mass experiment: a progress report
Graham R.L., Lone M.A., Andrews H.R., Gallant J.L., Geiger J.S. et al
Dans Telemark III - Mini conference on neutrino-mass and low energy weak interactions, États-Unis [in2p3-00014545 - version 1]
Modifications in the condition of the surface of glasses and minerals by means of ion implantation
Dran J.C., Petit J.C.
Verres et Refractaires 39 (1985) 20-32 [in2p3-00001690 - version 1]
Measurement of the ionization probability of the 1s$\sigma$ molecular orbital in half a collision at zero impact parameter
Chemin J.F., Andriamonje S., Guezet D., Thibaud J.P., Aguer P. et al
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B - Conference on the Physics of Highly Ionised Atoms, Royaume-Uni [in2p3-00001685 - version 1]
$^(234)$U/$^(238)$U disequilibrium in nature: theoretical reassessment of the various proposed models
Petit J.C., Langevin Y., Dran J.C.
Bulletin de Mineralogie 108 (1985) 745-753 [in2p3-00001624 - version 1]
The 1983 atomic mass evaluation. pt. 4.
Wapstra A.H., Audi G., Hoekstra R.
Nuclear Physics A 432 (1985) 185-362 [in2p3-00014533 - version 1]
The 1983 atomic mass evaluation. pt. 3.
Bos K., Audi G., Wapstra A.H.
Nuclear Physics A 432 (1985) 140-184 [in2p3-00014532 - version 1]
The 1983 atomic mass evaluation. pt. 2.
Wapstra A.H., Audi G.
Nuclear Physics A 432 (1985) 55-139 [in2p3-00014531 - version 1]
The 1983 atomic mass evaluation. pt. 1.
Wapstra A.H., Audi G.
Nuclear Physics A 432 (1985) 1-54 [in2p3-00014530 - version 1]
Radiation-enhanced release of uranium from accessory minerals in crystalline rocks
Petit J.C., Dran J.C.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Acta 49 (1985) 871-876 [in2p3-00001623 - version 1]
Production of secondary radioactive beams from 44 MeV/u Ar projectiles
Bimbot R., Della Negra S., Aguer P., Bastin G., Anne R. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 322 (1985) 443-456 [in2p3-00001622 - version 1]
M1 character of unresolved continuum transitions from x-ray multiplicity measurements
Thibaud J.P., Aguer P., Bastin G., Nguyen L., Perrin N. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 321 (1985) 275-286 [in2p3-00014529 - version 1]
Laser spectroscopy and mass measurements on alkali isotopes
Thibault C.
Dans Hyperfine Interactions - International Workshop on Hyperfine Interactions, Inde [in2p3-00001621 - version 1]
Ion implantation effects on the dissolution of minerals. part 1: non selective dissolution
Petit J.C., Dran J.C., Langevin Y.
Bulletin de Mineralogie 108 (1985) 615-633 [in2p3-00001620 - version 1]
In situ tem study of martensitic NiTi amorphization by Ni ion implantation
Moine P., Riviere J.P., Ruault M.O., Chaumont J., Pelton A. et al
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B - Ion Beam Modification of Materials Conference Ibmm '84, États-Unis [in2p3-00001619 - version 1]
Friction and wear of amorphous Ni-B, Ni-P films obtained by ion implantation into nickel
Takadoum J., Pivin J.C., Chaumont J., Roque-Carmes C.
Journal of Materials Science 20 (1985) 1480-1493 [in2p3-00001618 - version 1]
Evaluation of the $^3$H-$^3$He atomic mass difference
Audi G., Grahan R.L., Geiger J.S.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 321 (1985) 533-534 [in2p3-00014528 - version 1]