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fulltext access Internal conversion and summing effects in heavy-nuclei spectroscopy
Theisen C., Lopez-Martens A., Bonnelle C.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 589 (2008) 230-242 [in2p3-00275392 - version 1]
fulltext access Nuclear magic numbers: new features far from stability
Sorlin O., Porquet M.-G.
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 61 (2008) 602-673 [in2p3-00280392 - version 1]
Half-life and excitation energy of the $I^(\pi)$=13/2^+ isomer in $^(209)$Ra
Hauschild K., Lopez-Martens A., Yeremin A.V., Dorvaux O., Belozerov A.V. et al
Physical Review C 77 (2008) 047305 [in2p3-00278858 - version 1]
Indirect study of the $^(13)$C($\alpha$,n)$^(16)$O reaction via the $^(13)$C($^(7)$Li,t)$^(17)$O transfer reaction
Pellegriti M.G., Hammache F., Roussel P., Audouin L., Beaumel D. et al
Physical Review C 77 (2008) 042801 [in2p3-00276786 - version 1]
In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy of the neutron-rich nitrogen isotopes $^(19-22)$N
Sohler D., Stanoiu M., Dombrádi Z., Azaiez F., Brown B.A. et al
Physical Review C 77 (2008) 044303 [in2p3-00276198 - version 1]
Interplay between Single-Particle and Collective Effects in the Odd-A Cu Isotopes beyond N=40
Stefanescu I., Georgiev G., L. Balabanski D., Blasi N., Blazhev A. et al
Physical Review Letters 100 (2008) 112502 [in2p3-00273588 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Coulomb excitation of $^(68)$Ni at safe energies
Bree N., Stefanescu I., Butler P.A., Cederkäll J., Davinson T. et al
Physical Review C 78 (2008) 047301 [in2p3-00266844 - version 1]
fulltext access Extended investigation of superdeformed bands in $^(151,152)$Tb nuclei
Robin J., Byrski T., Duchêne G., Beck F.A., Curien D. et al
Physical Review C 77 (2008) 014308 [in2p3-00207925 - version 1]
Ion cooling and bunching with RFQCBs : "On-line" perspectives
Duval F., Delahaye P., Mané E., Ban G., Billowes J. et al
XVth International Conference on Electromagnetic Isotope Separators and Techniques Related to their Applications (EMIS2007), France (2007) [in2p3-00157623 - version 1]
fulltext access Isomeric states in $^(253)$No
Lopez-Martens A., Hauschild K., Dorvaux O., Briançon C., Curien D. et al
The European Physical Journal A 32 (2007) 245-250 [hal-00154333 - version 1]
Mass measurements of neutron-deficient radionuclides near the end-point of the rp-process with SHIPTRAP
Martin A., Ackermann D., Audi G., Blaum K., Block M. et al
European Physical Journal A 34 (2007) 341-348 [in2p3-00263468 - version 1]
fulltext access New high-spin states of $^(142)_ (58)$Ce and $^(140)_(56)$Ba from fusion-fission reactions: Proton excitations in the N = 84 isotones
Venkova T., Porquet M.-G., Deloncle I., Petkov P., Astier A. et al
European Physical Journal A 34 (2007) 349-353 [in2p3-00244925 - version 1]
High-precision masses of neutron-deficient rubidium isotopes using a Penning trap mass spectrometer
Kellerbauer A., Audi G., Beck D., Blaum K., Bollen G. et al
Physical Review C 76 (2007) 045504 [in2p3-00184527 - version 1]
Fission fragment properties obtained in the $\gamma-\gamma-\gamma$ coincidence method in the reaction $^(208)Pb(^(18)O, f)$
Bogachev A., Krupa L., Dorvaux O., Kozulin E., Itkis M. et al
European Physical Journal A 34 (2007) 23-28 [in2p3-00183107 - version 1]
Coulomb Excitation of Neutron-Rich Zn Isotopes: First Observation of the 2+_1 State in 80Zn
Van De Walle J., Aksouh F., Ames F., Behrens T., Bildstein V. et al
Physical Review Letters 99 (2007) 142501 [in2p3-00176426 - version 1]
fulltext access Quasi-bound low energy tail of resonance
Stefan I., de Oliveira Santos F., Pellegriti M.G., Angélique M., Dalouzy J.C. et al
Dans AIP Conference Proceedings - International Conference on Proton Emitting Nuclei and Related Topics - PROCON07, Portugal (2007) [in2p3-00162036 - version 1]
SHIRaC : an RFQ Cooler for high-intensity beams
Duval F., Ban G., Cabaret S., Gianfrancesco O., Lunney D.
Euro Summer School on Exotic Beams, France (2007) [in2p3-00174452 - version 1]
$\gamma$-ray production by proton and $\alpha$-particle induced reactions on $^(12)$C, $^(16)$O, $^(24)$Mg, and Fe
Belhout A., Kiener J., Coc A., Duprat J., Engrand C. et al
Physical Review C 76 (2007) 034607 [in2p3-00173947 - version 1]
Measurement and DWBA analysis of the $^(12)C(^6Li, d)^(16)O \alpha$-transfer reaction cross sections at 48.2 MeV. R-matrix analysis of $^(12)C(\alpha,\gamma)^(16)$O direct capture reaction data
Belhout A., Ouichaoui S., Beaumevieille H., Boughrara A., Fortier S. et al
Nuclear Physics A 793 (2007) 178-211 [in2p3-00171058 - version 1]
Gamow peak in thermonuclear reactions at high temperatures
Newton J.R., Iliadis C., Champagne A.E., Coc A., Parpottas Y. et al
Physical Review C 75 (2007) 045801 [in2p3-00170336 - version 1]