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Etude des avantages du ralentissement d'un faisceau d'ions - Ralentissement d'un faisceau d'ions intense
Alexandre K.
. Ingénieur CNAM, Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers
Improved activation measurements of (n, gamma ) cross section for 14.6-MeV neutrons
Rigaud F., Desthuilliers M.G., Petit G.Y., Irigaray J.L., Longo G. et al
Nuclear Science and Engineering 55 (1974) 17-23 [in2p3-00002384 - version 1]
Cross sections for the spallation production of $^(10)$Be in targets of N, Mg, and Si and their astrophysical applications
Raisbeck G.M., Yiou F.
Physical Review C 9 (1974) 1385-1395 [in2p3-00002365 - version 1]
New mass-table parameters for nuclei Z$\leq$16
Thibault C., Klapisch R.
Physical Review C 9 (1974) 793-797 [in2p3-00002335 - version 1]
Delayed neutron emission from the decay of neutron-rich Rb and Cs isotopes
Roeckl E., Dittner P.F., Klapisch R., Thibault C., Rigaud C. et al
Nuclear Physics A 222 (1974) 621-628 [in2p3-00002334 - version 1]
Decay properties of the neutron-rich isotopes, $^(11)$Li and $^(27-31)$Na
Roeckl E., Dittner P.F., Detraz C., Thibault C., Klapisch R. et al
Physical Review Letters 10 (1974) 1181-1188 [in2p3-00002333 - version 1]
The mercury and gold atomic clouds rearrangement following internal conversion and electron capture
Dionisio J.S., Vieu C.
In Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena - International Conference on Electron Spectroscopy, Belgium [in2p3-00002299 - version 1]
Breit interaction and double K vacancies in nuclear transitions
Desclaux J.P., Briancon C., Thibaud J.P., Walen R.J.
Physical Review Letters 32 (1974) 447-450 [in2p3-00002277 - version 1]
Internal K ionisation accompanying a low energy beta decay: $^(203)$Hg to $^(203)$*Tl (279 keV)
Thibaud J.P., Briancon C., Walen R.
Journal de Physique Lettres 35 (1974) L89-L90 [in2p3-00002276 - version 1]
On-line separation of thulium isotopes
Putaux J.C., Obert J., Aguer P.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 121 (1974) 615-616 [in2p3-00002272 - version 1]
The decay of $^(153)$Tb to levels in $^(153)$Gd
Peghaire A., Aguer P., Torres J.P.
Journal de Physique Lettres 35 (1974) L207-L211 [in2p3-00013277 - version 1]
Ion implantation effects in 'cosmic' dust grains
Bibring J.P., Langevin Y., Maurette M., Meunier R., Jouffrey B. et al
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 22 (1974) 205-214 [in2p3-00001821 - version 1]
Measurement of heavy solar wind particles during the Apollo 17 mission
Zinner E., Walker R.M., Borg J., Maurette M.
In Solar Wind Three - Conference on Solar Wind Three 3, United States [in2p3-00001738 - version 1]
Post accelerating and slowing down devices used with Orsay implantation facility
Chaumont J., Bernas H., Salome M., Lalu F., Thome L.
Dans International Congress Avisem 74 - International Congress Avisem 74 Application of Electronic and Ionic Processes 4 Avisem 74, France [in2p3-00001574 - version 1]