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fulltext access Description microscopique des propriétés moyennes des noyaux.
Quentin P.
Ecole thématique (1990) [cel-00647700 - version 1]
fulltext access Réactions nucléaires sous-coulombiennes en astrophysique.
Thibaud J.-P.
Ecole thématique (1990) [cel-00647506 - version 1]
An improved pairing interaction for mean field calculations using skyrme potentials
Krieger S.J., Bonche P., Flocard H., Quentin P., Weiss M.S.
Nuclear Physics A 517 (1990) 275-284 [in2p3-00022546 - version 1]
Determination de taux de reactions nucleaires conduisant a la nucleosynthese stellaire du Fluor
Kious M.
Université Paris Sud - Paris XI (1990) [in2p3-00002785 - version 1]
Etude de la synthese de la phase supraconductrice La$_(1,85)$Sr$_(0,15)$CuO$_4$ par melange ionique
Mathevet J.P.
Université Paris Sud - Paris XI (1990) [in2p3-00002777 - version 1]
Rutherford backscattering experiments on percolating Pd films
Papandreou N., Nedellec P., Traverse A.
Solid State Communications 73 (1990) 285-287 [in2p3-00001976 - version 1]
Structure and wear resistance of Ti and TiAl surfaces implanted with B, C, N, O
Pivin J.C.
Journal of Materials Science 25 (1990) 2743-2753 [in2p3-00001975 - version 1]
Oxygen sublattice disorder and depairing mechanisms for YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_(7- \delta)$/: effects of irradiation and hydrogen absorption
Lesueur J., Nedellec P., Bernas H., Dumoulin L., Burger J.P. et al
Dans Beijing International Conference on High Temperature Superconductivity - Beijing International Conference on High Temperature Superconductivity, Chine [in2p3-00001974 - version 1]
Characterization of diamond-like films using electron probe microanalysis
Pivin J.C., Spircke M., Allouard M., Rautureau G.
Applied Physics Letters 57 (1990) 2657-2659 [in2p3-00001973 - version 1]
Incorporation of -OH radicals in anodic silicon oxide films studied by secondary-ion mass spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and IR analysis
Montero I., Galan L., De La Cal E., Albella J.M., Pivin J.C.
Dans Thin Solid Films - International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings 17 International Thin Film Conference 8, États-Unis [in2p3-00001972 - version 1]
Transient response of YBaCuO granular films submitted to optical or electrical pulses
Maneval J.P., Chibane F., Bonnel de Longchamp N., Lesueur J., Dumoulin L.
Dans Proceedings of the ICTPS '90 International Conference on Transport Properties of Superconductors - ICTPS '90 International Conference on Transport Properties of Superconductors, Brésil [in2p3-00001971 - version 1]
Two-temperature model of a thin-film superconducting bolometer application to YBaCuO at helium temperatures
Maneval J.P., Chibane F., Bland R., Khanfir S., Dumoulin L. et al
Dans Infrared Technology XVI - Infrared Technology 16, États-Unis [in2p3-00001967 - version 1]
Search for damage and/or disordering effects due to intense electronic excitation in crystalline metallic alloys irradiated by high-energy heavy ions
Dunlop A., Lesueur D., Lorenzelli N., Audouard A., Dimitrov C. et al
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 2 (1990) 1733-1741 [in2p3-00013223 - version 1]
Observation of identical superdeformed bands in N=86 nuclei
Byrski T., Beck F.A., Curien D., Schuck C., Fallon P. et al
Physical Review Letters 64 (1990) 1650-1653 [in2p3-00001960 - version 1]
Superconductivity in La-Ba-Ca-Mg-Cu$_3$O$_z$ system
Ouhammou L., Suryanarayanan R., Murthy S.R., Gasgnier M., Ruault M.O. et al
Dans Journal of the Less-Common Metals - 1990 European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) Spring Meeting Symposium A 'High-Tc Superconductor Materials', France [in2p3-00001959 - version 1]
Calculation of the efficiency of the current shims used in PS189
Thibault C.
Rapport de recherche (1990) 1-7 [in2p3-00001806 - version 1]
$^(10)$Be and $\delta^2$H in polar ice cores as a probe of the solar variability's influcence on climate
Raisbeck G.M., Yiou F., Jouzel J., Petit J.R.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 330 (1990) 463-469 [in2p3-00023134 - version 1]
The level structure spins and parities of $^(223)$Ac
Sheline R.K., Sood P.C., Liang C.F., Paris P., Hoff R.W.
International Journal of Modern Physics A 5 (1990) 2833-2837 [in2p3-00023135 - version 1]
The beta minus decay of $^(215)$Bi and a firm identification of $^(216)$Bi
Ruchowska E., Zylicz J., Liang C.F., Paris P., Briancon C.
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 16 (1990) 255-260 [in2p3-00023136 - version 1]
Surface modifications of crystalline SiO$_2$ and Al$_2$O$_3$ induced by energetic heavy ions
Jollet F., Duraud J.P., Noguera C., Dooryhee E., Langevin Y.
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B - Radiation Effects in Insulators 5, Canada [in2p3-00023137 - version 1]