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Results from the EUROGAM II array on the decay out of the superdeformed band in $^(192)$Hg
Szott P., Wilson A.N., Azaiez F., Sharpey-Schaefer J.-F., Korichi A. et al
Dans Acta Physica Polonica B - Mazurian Lakes School of Physics 24, Pologne [in2p3-00008318 - version 1]
Radioactive ion beam production tests for SPIRAL
Lecesne N., Angélique J.C., Blank B., Clapier F., Deligne J.M. et al
Dans Ricerca Scientifica ed Educazione Permanente Supplemento - International Winter Meeting On Nuclear Physics 34, Italie [in2p3-00007864 - version 1]
A propos de la resolution d'un analyseur magnetique a champ uniforme
Meunier R.
Research report (1996) [in2p3-00003838 - version 1]
Dark matter search with thermal detectors
de Bellefon A., Berge L., Berkes I., Bobin C., Broszkiewicz D. et al
Dans High energy physics - International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics, Belgique [in2p3-00005250 - version 1]
Collection and microanalysis of antarctic micrometeorites
Maurette M., Engrand C., Kurat G.
Dans Physics, chemistry and dynamics of interplanetary dust - Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union 150, États-Unis [in2p3-00003310 - version 1]
A chondrule micrometeorite from Antarctica with vapor fractionated trace element abundances
Kurat G., Hoppe P., Engrand C.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 31 (1996) A75- [in2p3-00003309 - version 1]
Carbon stable isotope analysis of Antarctic micrometeorites
Graham G.A., Wright I.P., Grady M.M., Perreau M., Maurette M. et al
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 31 (1996) A53-A54 [in2p3-00003308 - version 1]
Trace element contents of Antarctic cosmic spherules and their COPS nuggets
Engrand C., Deloule E., Kurat G., Maurette M.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 31 (1996) A42-A43 [in2p3-00003306 - version 1]
Water content of COPS-rich cosmic spherules from Antarctica
Engrand C., Deloule E., Maurette M., Kurat G., Robert F.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 31 (1996) A43- [in2p3-00003298 - version 1]
Micrometeorites flux on the melt zone of the west Greenland ice sheet
Hammer C., Maurette M.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 31 (1996) A56- [in2p3-00003293 - version 1]
Study of ionization particle detectors at milliKelvin temperatures
L'Hote D., Navick X.F., Kemmather B., Barbier A., Stab L. et al
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 46 (1996) 2903-2904 [in2p3-00003087 - version 1]
De la dissociation coulombienne aux observations astronomiques : nouvelles voies d'etude de la reaction de capture alpha radiative sur le carbone 12 dans les etoiles massives
Tatischeff V.
Université de Caen (1996) [in2p3-00002766 - version 1]
Desexcitation des etats superdeformes dans la region de masse A $\sim$ 190
Lopez-Martens A.
Université Paris Sud - Paris XI (1996) [in2p3-00010802 - version 1]
Etude des etats de $^(194,195)$Pb a haut moment angulaire : excitations a multiparticules et bandes dipolaires
Kaci M.
Université Paris Sud - Paris XI (1996) [in2p3-00002762 - version 1]
Cosmogenic nuclide exposure ages along a vertical transect in Western Norway: implications for the height of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet
Brook E.J., Nesje A., Lehman S.J., Raisbeck G.M., Yiou F.
Geology 24 (1996) 207-210 [in2p3-00002644 - version 1]
Effects of ion irradiations on properties of polyphosphazene-silica composite films
Pivin J.C., Brusatin G., Guglielmi M., Facchin G., Gleria M.
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B - New Trends in Ion Beam Processing from Ions and Cluster Ion Beams to Engineering Issues E-MRS '95 Spring Meeting Symposium J on Correlated Effects in Atomic and Cluster Ion Bombardment and Implantation Symposium C on Pushing the Limits of Ion Bea, France [in2p3-00001938 - version 1]
Ion irradiation of preceramic polymer thin films
Pivin J.C., Colombo P., Tonidandel M.
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 79 (1996) 1967-1970 [in2p3-00001937 - version 1]
Background conditions in the TGV spectrometer to search for double beta -decay
Brudanin V.B., Briancon C., Vylov C., Rukhadze N.I., Salamatin A.V. et al
Dans Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences - Physics - International Conference on Nuclear Spectroscopy and Nuclear Structure 45, Russie, Fédération De [in2p3-00009640 - version 1]
Decay of superdeformed bands
Carpenter M.P., Khoo T.L., Lauritsen T., Dossing T., Ahmad I. et al
Dans Proceedings of the Workshop on Gammasphere Physics - Workshop on Gammasphere Physics, États-Unis [in2p3-00013215 - version 1]
Investigation of beta - nu angular correlation in superallowed beta-decay of short-lived nuclei
Egorov V.G., Brudanin V.B., Tsoupko-Sitnikov V.V., Vorobel V., Stekl I. et al
Dans Proceedings of International Conference on High Energy Physics - International Conference on High Energy Physics, Belgique [in2p3-00009634 - version 1]