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Ion Tracks in Polymers
Pivin J.C., Clochard M.-C.
Dans Synthesis and Engineering of Nanostructures by Energetic Ions (2011) 223-231 [hal-00618287 - version 1]
Hydrous-carbonaceous meteoroids in the Hadean Eon
Maurette M.
Dans Cosmic Dust - Near and Far (2010) 137-147 [in2p3-00779918 - version 1]
Metal Nanoclusters for Optical Properties
Mattei G., Mazzoldi P., Bernas H.
Dans MATERIALS SCIENCE WITH ION BEAMS (2010) 287-316 [in2p3-00667326 - version 1]
Magnetic Properties and Ion Beams: Why and How
Devolder T., Bernas H.
Dans Materials Science with Ion Beams (2010) 227-254 [in2p3-00667302 - version 1]
Ion-Beam-Induced Amorphization and Epitaxial Crystallization of Silicon
Williams J.S., Azevedo G.D., Bernas H., Fortuna F.
Dans Materials science with ion beams (2010) 73-111 [in2p3-00665769 - version 1]
Nanocluster nucleation, growth and size distributions
Bernas H., Espiau De Lamaëstre R.
Dans Handbook of Nanophysics - Cluster and Fullerenes (2010) 1-1 [in2p3-00660284 - version 1]
MIDAS: The Micro-Imaging Dust Analysis System for the Rosetta mission
Riedler W., Torkar K., Jeszensky H., Romstedt J., Alleyne H. S. C. et al
Dans Rosetta, ESA's mission to the origin of the solar system (2009) 261-290 [hal-00398955 - version 1]
Spectroscopie (notions de base)
de Saint Simon M.
Dans Encyclopaedia Universalis (2002) [in2p3-00011219 - version 1]
Low-temperature air oxidation uranium dioxide single crystals
Garrido F., Thome L., Gras J.M., Berrhon J., Klaumunzer S.
Dans Radioactive waste management and environmental remediation (2001) [in2p3-00013607 - version 1]
L'antimatiere existe : je l'ai rencontree
Thibault C.
In Qu'est-ce que l'Univers ? (2001) 657-666 [in2p3-00010945 - version 1]
Spectrometrie de masse
de Saint Simon M.
Dans Encyclopaedia Universalis (2000) [in2p3-00011218 - version 1]
High temperature behaviour of fission products in irradiated ZrO$_2$ and MgAl$_2$O$_4$
Thome L., Binet C., Garrido F., Jagielski J.
Dans Basic studies on high-temperature engineering (2000) 309- [in2p3-00013606 - version 1]
Faisceaux d'ions en radiochimie
Thome L.
Dans Radiochimie : matiere radioactive et rayonnements (2000) 213- [in2p3-00013605 - version 1]
The early micrometeorites accretion scenario and the origin of the earth's atmosphere
Maurette M., Gounelle M., Duprat J., Engrand C., Matrajt G.
Dans Bioastronomy 99 : a new era in bioastronomy (2000) 263-284 [in2p3-00011186 - version 1]
Search for organic matter on mars : complementarity of in situ analyses and laboratory analyses of martian samples
Brack A., Commeyras A., Derenne S., Despois D., Dhamelincourt P. et al
Dans Concepts and Approaches for Mars Exploration (2000) [in2p3-00007998 - version 1]
La spectrometrie de masse
de Saint Simon M.
Dans Encyclopaedia Universalis Corpus (1999) [in2p3-00007148 - version 1]
Micrometeorites on the early Earth
Maurette M.
Dans The molecular origin of life (1998) 147-186 [in2p3-00003296 - version 1]
Long-range phase coherence in YBCO ultra-thin films
Aprili M., Lesueur J., Quinton W.A., Dumoulin L.
Dans Oxide Superconductor Physics and Nano-Engineering II (1996) 269-272 [in2p3-00001907 - version 1]
Thermodynamical fluctuations and critical behavior in weakly disordered YBCO thin and ultra-thin films
Lesueur J., Degoy S., Aprili M., Chambonnet D., Keller D.
Dans Oxide Superconductor Physics and Nano-Engineering II (1996) 250-258 [in2p3-00001905 - version 1]
Identical bands superdeformation and intrinsic vortical motion
Mikhailov I.N., Quentin P.
Dans Low energy dynamics (1995) 512-521 [in2p3-00000594 - version 1]