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Open-circuit voltage of MIS silicon solar cells
Ponpon J.P., Siffert P.
Journal of Applied Physics 47 (1976) 3248-3251 [in2p3-00018470 - version 1]
Polarization in cadmium telluride nuclear radiation detectors
Siffert P., Berger J., Scharager C., Cornet A., Stuck R. et al
Dans IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science - Nuclear Science Symposium 22 Nuclear Power Systems Symposium 7, États-Unis [in2p3-00018445 - version 1]
Defects in pure and halogen compensated cadmium telluride grown by the THM method
Stuck R., Cornet A., Scharager C., Siffert P.
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 37 (1976) 989-997 [in2p3-00018444 - version 1]
Study of trapping in mercuric iodide by thermally stimulated current measurements
Stuck R., Muller J.C., Ponpon J.P., Scharager C., Schwab C. et al
Journal of Applied Physics 47 (1976) 1545-1548 [in2p3-00018443 - version 1]
Interface study of MIS silicon solar cells
Ponpon J.P., Stuck R., Siffert P.
Dans Twelfth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference 1976 (1976) 900-903 [in2p3-00018440 - version 1]
Energy loss and straggling of heavy ions by nuclear interactions in silicon
Grob A., Grob J.J., Siffert P.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 132 (1976) 273-279 [in2p3-00018416 - version 1]
Investigation of covalency in CrI$_3$ using Moessbauer spectroscopy of $^(129)$I
Sanchez J.P., Djermouni B., Friedt J.M., Shenoy G.K.
Hyperfine Interactions 1 (1976) 313-321 [in2p3-00018376 - version 1]
Dependence of Moessbauer resonance intensities on vibrational lattice anisotropy in case of an axial electric field gradient
Shenoy G.K., Friedt J.M.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 136 (1976) 569-574 [in2p3-00018374 - version 1]
Radiation damage in solid butane irradiated by Xe$^+$, Kr$^+$, Ar$^+$, Ne$^+$ and He$^+$ ions with energies below 1500 eV
Cailleret J., Paulus J.M.
Radiation Effects 28 (1976) 169-175 [in2p3-00018371 - version 1]
Test of the Zweig rule in $\pi^-$p interactions at 19 GeV/c
Woodworth P.L., Treille D., Thompson A.S., Strub R., Sonderegger P. et al
Physics Letters B 65 (1976) 89-91 [in2p3-00018321 - version 1]
Study of the dp to dp $\pi^+ \pi^-$ and np to pp $\pi^-$ reactions in dp collisions at 11.9 GeV/c
Braun H., Brick D., Fridman A., Gerber J.P., Juillot P. et al
Il Nuovo Cimento A 35 (1976) 405-418 [in2p3-00018318 - version 1]
Charged multiplicity distributions in pd and $\pi^+$d interactions at 195 GeV/c
Eisenberg Y., Haber B., Hochman D., Karshon U., Ronat E.E. et al
Physics Letters B 60 (1976) 305-308 [in2p3-00018290 - version 1]
Evidence for high mass $\overline(N)N$ and $\overline(N)N\pi$ enhancements observed in $\bar pd$ interactions at 5.55 GeV/c
Braun H., Brick D., Fridman A., Gerber J.P., Juillot P. et al
Physics Letters B 60 (1976) 481-484 [in2p3-00018289 - version 1]
Gamma decays of positive parity states in $^(45)$Sc
Toulemonde M., Chevallier J., Haas B., Schulz N., Styczen J.
Nuclear Physics A 262 (1976) 307-316 [in2p3-00007313 - version 1]
Levels in even neutron-deficient xenon nuclei
Genevey-Rivier J., Charvet A., Marguier G., Richard-Serre C., D'Auria J. et al
Dans 3rd International Conference on Nuclei Far from Stability (1976) 404-405 [in2p3-00018269 - version 1]
Hyperfine interactions in $^(21)$Ne ions recoiling into vacuum
Beck F.A., Byrski T., Costa G., Vivien J.P.
Dans Hyperfine Interactions - International Meeting On Hyperfine Interactions, Belgique [in2p3-00007294 - version 1]
Study of delayed neutrons from the reaction $^(10)$Be+$^(11)$B
Fintz P., Guillaume G., Jundt F., Ordonez I., Gallmann A.
Nuclear Physics A A259 (1976) 493-495 [in2p3-00018256 - version 1]
Study of $^(17)$N by the reaction $^(18)$O(t, $\alpha \gamma$)$^(17)$N
Guillaume G., Rastegar B., Fintz P., Gallmann A.
Nuclear Physics A A272 (1976) 338-352 [in2p3-00018255 - version 1]
Recoil-distance lifetime measurements of levels in $^(36)$Ar and $^(36)$Cl
Costa G., Alexander T.K., Forster J.S., McDonald A.B., Towner I.S.
Nuclear Physics A 256 (1976) 277-300 [in2p3-00018241 - version 1]
Impact parameter analysis of coherent and incoherent pion productions on nuclei by 11.7 GeV/c $\pi^+$
Arnold R., Barshay S., Riester J.L.
Il Nuovo Cimento A 35 (1976) 58-68 [in2p3-00018112 - version 1]