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Improvement of plasma deposited a-Ge: H thin films by hydrogen dilution of germane
Godet C., Elzawawi I., Theye M.L., Gauthier M., Stoquert J.P.
Solid State Communications 74 (1990) 721- [in2p3-00016177 - version 1]
Theoretical $^(137)$Cs $\gamma$-ray detection sensitivity curves for silicon sensor devices
Jung M., Teissier C., Siffert P.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 299 (1990) 94- [in2p3-00016169 - version 1]
Mobility experiments on lutetium bisphalocyanine thin films
Madru R., Guillaud G., Alsadoun M., Maitrot M., Schunck J.P.
Chemical Physics Letters 168 (1990) 41- [in2p3-00016168 - version 1]
Crystallization of ultrathin W-Si multilayer structures by high energy heavy ion irradiations
Marfaing J., Marine W., Vidal B., Toulemonde M., Hage-Ali M. et al
Applied Physics Letters 57 (1990) 1739- [in2p3-00016167 - version 1]
Charge state dependent iron precipitation in silicon
Mesli A., Heiser T., Amroun M., Siffert P.
Applied Physics Letters 57 (1990) 1898- [in2p3-00016166 - version 1]
Thin films of BiSrCaCu oxide prepared by laser evaporation
Perriere J., Hauchecorne G., Kerherve F., Rochet F., Defourneau R.M. et al
Journal of Materials Research 5 (1990) 258- [in2p3-00016165 - version 1]
Growth kinetics of titanium silicide during heating by RTA and furnace annealing
Ponpon J.P., Saulnier A.
Applied Surface Science 40 (1990) 315- [in2p3-00016164 - version 1]
Nuclear hyperfine structure of muonium in CuCl resolved by means of avoided level crossing
Schneider J.W., Celio M., Keller H., Kundig W., Odermatt W. et al
Physical Review B 41 (1990) 7524- [in2p3-00016163 - version 1]
Boron doping of silicon by excimer laser irradiation in a reactive atmosphere. The incorporation mechanism
Slaoui A., Foulon F., Stuck R., Siffert P.
Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 50 (1990) 479- [in2p3-00016162 - version 1]
Excimer laser induced doping of phosphorus into silicon
Slaoui A., Foulon F., Siffert P.
Journal of Applied Physics 67 (1990) 6197- [in2p3-00016161 - version 1]
Photoabsorption of BCl$_3$ gas under pulsed ArF excimer laser irradiation
Slaoui A., Foulon F., Fuchs C., Fogarassy E., Siffert P.
Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 50 (1990) 317- [in2p3-00016160 - version 1]
Analysis of superconducting thin films by ion beam methods. Comparison of nuclear techniques and SIMS
Stoquert J.P., Fogarassy E., Stuck R., Guillaume G., Siffert P. et al
Surface and Interface Analysis 15 (1990) 57- [in2p3-00016159 - version 1]
Damage induced by high electronic stopping power in SiO$_2$ quartz
Toulemonde M., Balanzat E., Bouffard S., Grob J.J., Hage-Ali M. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 46 (1990) 64- [in2p3-00016158 - version 1]
Influence of In doping on dislocations in liquid encapsulated Czochralski (LEC) grown gallium arsenide
Wu J., Mo P.G., Wang G.Y., Benakki S., Christophel E. et al
Journal of Crystal Growth 102 (1990) 701- [in2p3-00016157 - version 1]
Si implantation of GaAs at low and medium doses: Raman assessment of dopant activation
Zekeng S., Prevot B., Schwab C.
Materials Science and Engineering B5 (1990) 269- [in2p3-00016156 - version 1]
EPR evidence for As interstitial-related defects in semi-insulating GaAs
Christophel E., Benchiguer T., Goltzene A., Schwab C., Wang G. et al
Physical Review B 42 (1990) 3461- [in2p3-00016047 - version 1]
SiO$_2$ thin film deposition by excimer laser ablation from SiO target in oxygen atmosphere
Fogarassy E., Fuchs C., Slaoui A., Stoquert J.P.
Applied Physics Letters 57 (1990) 664- [in2p3-00016046 - version 1]
Deposition of SiO$_2$ by reactive excimer laser ablation from a SiO target
Fogarassy E., Slaoui A., Fuchs C., Stoquert J.P.
Applied Surface Science 46 (1990) 195- [in2p3-00016045 - version 1]
Pulsed excimer and Nd: YAG laser crystallization of a-Si: H
Elliq M., Fogarassy E., Stoquert J.P., Fuchs C., De Unamuno S.
Applied Surface Science 46 (1990) 378- [in2p3-00016044 - version 1]
Rapid thermal process-induced recombination centers in ion implanted silicon
Eichhammer W., Hage-Ali M., Stuck R., Siffert P.
Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 50 (1990) 405- [in2p3-00016043 - version 1]