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Investigations of the effects of cosmic rays on Artemia cysts and tobacco seeds results of exobloc II experiment, flown aboard biocosmos 1887
Gaubin Y., Delpoux M., Pianezzi B., Gasset G., Heilmann C. et al
Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements 17 (1990) 133- [in2p3-00015453 - version 1]
The 2S lamb shift in hydrogenic phosphorus by laser spectroscopy
Gassen J., Muller D., Budelsky D., Kremer L., Pross H.J. et al
Physics Letters A 147 (1990) 385- [in2p3-00015452 - version 1]
Electrostatic accelerators and associated boosters
Frick G.
in Nuclear Instruments and Methods - International conference on electrostatic accelerators and associated boosters 5, France [in2p3-00015451 - version 1]
Parity dependence in the optical potential of sd-shell nuclei
Ferrero J.L., Ruiz J.A., Bilwes B., Bilwes R.
Nuclear Physics A 510 (1990) 360- [in2p3-00015450 - version 1]
Elastic scattering of $^(35)$Cl and $^(37)$Cl on $^(24)$Mg
Ferrero J.L., Pacheco J.C., Baeza A., Barrigon J.M., Bilwes B. et al
Nuclear Physics A 514 (1990) 367-380 [in2p3-00015449 - version 1]
A new concept in data acquisition electronics control and monitoring for the next generation of nuclear gamma ray spectrometer
Ender C., Beck F.A., Ring C., Wendling L., Richard A. et al
in IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science - Nuclear Science Symposium.1989, United States [in2p3-00015448 - version 1]
Electronic stopping power calculations for heavy ions in semiconductors
Elkomoss S.G., Pape A., De Unamuno S.
Journal of Applied Physics 67 (1990) 6045- [in2p3-00015447 - version 1]
Electrostatic accelerator dielectrics - A workshop on insulators and conductors in electrostatic machines
Cooke C.M.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 287 (1990) 12-17 [in2p3-00015446 - version 1]
MWPCs for the Pinot spectrometer
Caviasso G., Chiavassa E., Dellacasa G., de Marco N., Ferrero F. et al
Il Nuovo Cimento 103 (1990) 285- [in2p3-00022860 - version 1]
Electromagnetic transitions in the N=Z+1 nucleus $^(71)$Br
Arrison J.W., Chapuran T., Huttmeier U., Balamuth D.P.
Physics Letters B 248 (1990) 39- [in2p3-00015445 - version 1]
Precise measurements of half-lives of 39 nuclides
Abzouzi A., Antony M.S., Bueb J.B., Ndocko Ndongue V.
Nuclear Data Sheets 222 (1990) 15- [in2p3-00015444 - version 1]
Redetermination of several half-lives
Abzouzi A., Antony M.S., Ndocko Ndongue V., Oster D.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 145 (1990) 361- [in2p3-00015443 - version 1]
Precision measurements of the half-lives of $^(60m)$Co, $^(79m)$Se, $^(104m)$Rh, $^(149)$Nd, $^(176m)$Lu, $^(177)$Lu and $^(198)$Au
Abzouzi A., Antony M.S., Hachem A., Ndocko Ndongue V.B.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 144 (1990) 359-365 [in2p3-00015442 - version 1]
Sequential decay of excited nuclei and characteristic features of nuclear fragmentation
Richert J., Wagner P.
Nuclear Physics A 517 (1990) 399- [in2p3-00015441 - version 1]
The monopole and quadrupole vibrations of a hot nucleus
Okolowicz J., Ploszajczak M., Drozdz S., Caurier E.
Nuclear Physics A 507 (1990) 323- [in2p3-00015440 - version 1]
Langevin approach to heavy-ion fusion cross-sections and spin distributions above and below the barrier
Froebrich P., Richert J.
Physics Letters B 237 (1990) 328- [in2p3-00015439 - version 1]
Level spacing for band random matrices
Grammaticos B., Ramani A., Caurier E.
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 23 (1990) 5855-5862 [in2p3-00007785 - version 1]
Prediction of octupole-deformation effects in superdeformation in the A = 80 region
Dudek J., Werner T.R., Szymanski Z.
Physics Letters B 248 (1990) 235- [in2p3-00015438 - version 1]
On the validity of the adiabatic approach to the tunneling phenomenon
Drozdz S., Kaminski P., Ploszajczak M., Caurier E.
Physics Letters B 235 (1990) 1- [in2p3-00015437 - version 1]
A full 0$\hbar\omega$ description of the 2$\nu\beta\beta$ decay of $^(48)$Ca
Caurier E., Poves A., Zuker A.P.
Physics Letters B 252 (1990) 13- [in2p3-00015436 - version 1]