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Precise determination of the half-life of the ground-state of $^(77)$Ge
Antony M.S., Oster D., Rouabah S., Hachem A.
Nuclear Chemistry Letters 200 (1995) 223-225 [in2p3-00015609 - version 1]
Study of very peripheral S-Pb and S-S interactions at 200 GeV/c per nucleon
Alvarez de Laza L., Andersen E., Blaes R., Cherney M., de la Cruz B. et al
Physics Letters B 351 (1995) 418-423 [in2p3-00015608 - version 1]
Tables of double beta decay data
Tretyak V.I., Zdesenko Y.G.
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables 61 (1995) 43-90 [in2p3-00015607 - version 1]
Uptake and metabolism of boronophenylalanine in human uveal melanoma-cells in culture-relevance to boron neutron-capture therapy of cancer cells
Belkhou R., Abbe J.C., Pham P., Jasner N., Sahel J. et al
Amino Acids 8 (1995) 217-229 [in2p3-00015600 - version 1]
100 years after the discovery of radioactivity
Adloff J.P., Lieser K.H., Stoecklin G.
Radiochimica Acta 70-71 (1995) U5-U6 [in2p3-00015598 - version 1]
Higgs phenomenology of the supersymmetric model with a gauge singlet
Ellwanger U., Rausch De Traubenberg M., Savoy C.A.
Zeitschrift für Physik C 67 (1995) 665-669 [in2p3-00015597 - version 1]
Ductal pancreatic cancer in the rat detected in vivo by fluorescence imaging
Tasseti V., Sowinska M., Evrard S., Marescaux F., Heisel F. et al
Dans Digestion - Ductal Pancreatic Cancer In The Rat Detected In Vivo By Fluorescence Imaging, Espagne [in2p3-00015596 - version 1]
$E$ decays to $\eta\pi\pi$ in $\overline(p)p$ annihilation at rest
Amsler C., Armstrong D.S., Baker C.A., Barnett B.M., Batty C.J. et al
Physics Letters B 358 (1995) 389-398 [in2p3-00015595 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Spherical shell model description of rotational motion
Zuker A.P., Retamosa J., Poves A., Caurier E.
Physical Review C 52 (1995) R1741-R1745 [in2p3-00022788 - version 1]
Neutrinoless double beta decay of $^(48)$Ca
Retamosa J., Caurier E., Nowacki F.
Physical Review C 51 (1995) 371-378 [in2p3-00022789 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Missing and quenched Gamov-Teller strength
Caurier E., Poves A., Zuker A.P.
Physical Review Letters 74 (1995) 1517-1520 [in2p3-00004729 - version 1]
Fractal potentials from energy levels
Ramani A., Grammaticos B., Caurier E.
Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 51 (1995) 6323-6326 [in2p3-00022790 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Gamow-teller strength in $^(54)$Fe and $^(56)$Fe
Caurier E., Martinez-pinedo G., Poves A., Zuker A.P.
Physical Review C 52 (1995) R1736-R1740 [in2p3-00022791 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Intrinsic VS laboratory frame description of the deformed nucleus $^(48)$Cr
Caurier E., Egido J.L., Martinez-pinedo G., Poves A., Retamosa J. et al
Physical Review Letters 75 (1995) 2466-2469 [in2p3-00004728 - version 1]
Multifragmentation and flow-peripheral vs. central collisions
Pochodzalla J., Aiello S., Begemann-Blaich M., Blaich T., Bowman D.R. et al
Nuclear Physics A 583 (1995) 553-560 [in2p3-00015594 - version 1]
Particle emission from a hot-deformed-and rotating nucleus
Dietrich K., Pomorski K., Richert J.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 351 (1995) 397-404 [in2p3-00015593 - version 1]
Precision and accuracy in standards analysis by PIXE
Waksman S.Y., Pape A., Heitz C.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 196 (1995) 135-143 [in2p3-00015590 - version 1]
Symmetrical break-ups among naturally occuring nuclides
Pape A., Debeauvais M.
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 21 (1995) 237-240 [in2p3-00015589 - version 1]
The observation of a superdeformed structure in $^(82)$Y
Dagnall P.J., Smith A.G., Lisle J.C., Smalley D.H., Chapman R. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 353 (1995) 251-253 [in2p3-00015587 - version 1]
Spectroscopy in the second potential well of $^(151)$Tb
De France G.
Dans Physica Scripta - International Symposium on New Nuclear Structure Phenomena in the Vicinity of Closed Shells, Suède [in2p3-00015585 - version 1]