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Spin-dependent triaxial deformation in neutron-rich Xe isotopes
Smith A.G., Phillips W.R., Jones M.A., Leddy M., Urban W. et al
Physical Review Letters 77 (1996) 1711- [in2p3-00015241 - version 1]
Prompt $\gamma$-ray spectroscopy of the $^(104)$Mo and $^(108)$Mo fission fragments
Guessous A., Schulz N., Bentaleb M., Lubkiewicz E., Durell J.L. et al
Physical Review C 53 (1996) 1191- [in2p3-00015240 - version 1]
Octupole correlations in neutron rich, odd-A lanthanum nuclei
Urban W., Durell J.L., Jones M.A., Leddy M., Pearson C.J. et al
Physical Review C 54 (1996) 945- [in2p3-00015239 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Additivity of quadrupole moments in superdeformed bands: single particle motion at extreme conditions
Satula W., Dobaczewski J., Dudek J., Nazarewicz W.
Physical Review Letters 77 (1996) 5182- [in2p3-00015229 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Time-odd components in the rotating mean field and identical bands
Dobaczewski J., Dudek J.
Dans Acta Physica Polonica B - International Conference on Nuclear Physics, Pologne [in2p3-00015227 - version 1]
Favoured neutron excitations in superdeformed $^(147)$Gd
Theisen C., Vivien J.P., Ragnarsson I., Bedausang C.W., Beck F.A. et al
Physical Review C 54 (1996) 2910- [in2p3-00005335 - version 1]
Gain stability of Microstrip Gas chambers with high resistivity substrates
Fang R., Geist W., Brom J.M., Riester J.L.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 378 (1996) 439- [in2p3-00015199 - version 1]
Neutron-rich nuclei near closed shells-nuclear structure and weak decay rates
Walter G., Baumann P., Didierjean F., Huck A., Knipper A. et al
Dans Neutron-rich nuclei near closed shells-nuclear structure and weak decay rates - International Workshop On Gross Properties Of Nuclei And Nuclear Exitations.24 24, Australie [in2p3-00015191 - version 1]
Photodynamic imaging of a rat pancreatic cancer with pheophorbide a
Keller P., Sowinska M., Tassetti V., Heisel F., Hajri A. et al
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology 63 (1996) 860-867 [in2p3-00015190 - version 1]
Positionnement d'un departement du CNRS dans la literature scientifique
Remy D., Ring B., Vergnes G.
Documentaliste - Sciences de l'Information 33 (1996) 91-96 [in2p3-00015189 - version 1]
Universality properties of multifragmentation in nucleus-nucleus collisions
Zheng Y.M., Richert J., Wagner P.
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 22 (1996) 505-510 [in2p3-00015188 - version 1]
Transition matrix elements in mixed quantum systems
Boose D., Main J.
Physics Letters A 217 (1996) 253-257 [in2p3-00015187 - version 1]
Transient field measurements on $^(56)$Fe- and $^(80)$Se-ions using segmented Fe-layers
Busch H., Jakob G., Speidel K.H., Cub J., Kremeyer S. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 355 (1996) 9-15 [in2p3-00015186 - version 1]
The observation of superdeformed structure in mass 80 nuclei
Dagnall P.J., Smith A.G., Lisle J.C., Smalley D.H., Chapman R. et al
Acta Physica Polonica B 27 (1996) 155-163 [in2p3-00005320 - version 1]
The cosmic-ray positron-to-electron ratio in the energy range 0.85 to 14 GeV
Barbiellini G., Basini G., Bellotti R., Bocciolini M., Boezio M. et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics 309 (1996) L15-L18 [in2p3-00015185 - version 1]
Stochastic quantization of instantons
Grandati Y., Berard A., Grange P.
Annals of Physics 246 (1996) 291-324 [in2p3-00004378 - version 1]
Squeeze-out of nuclear matter in Au+Au collisions
Tsang M.B., Cosmo F., et A.
Physical Review C 53 (1996) 1959-1962 [in2p3-00015184 - version 1]
Spectroscopy of low-lying levels in $^(81)$Br and its nuclear-structure interpretation
Jakob G., Speidel K.H., Kremeyer S., Busch H., Grabowy U. et al
Nuclear Physics A 601 (1996) 117-130 [in2p3-00015183 - version 1]
Spectres d'excitation de la photo-ionisation du methanol et de l'ethanol en phase liquide
Jung J.M., Klein J.
Journal de Chimie Physique et de Physico-Chimie Biologique 93 (1996) 132-137 [in2p3-00015182 - version 1]
Search for octupole deformation in neutron-rich Xe isotopes
Bentaleb M., Schulz N., Lubkiewicz E., Durell J.L., Pearson C.J. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 354 (1996) 143-151 [in2p3-00015181 - version 1]