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Antiproton-proton annihilation at rest into K$_L$ K$_S \pi^0\pi^0$
Abele A., Adomeit J., Amsler C., Baker C.A., Barnett B.M. et al
Physics Letters B 415 (1997) 280-288 [in2p3-00016372 - version 1]
$\Delta$I = 4 Bifurcation in Identical Superdeformed Bands
Haslip D.S., Flibotte S., De France G., Devlin M., Galindo-Uribarri A. et al
Physical Review Letters 78 (1997) 3447-3450 [in2p3-00005839 - version 1]
Mass resolved angular distribution of fission fragments for near-barrier fusion-fission reactions
Vorkapic D., Ivanisevic B.
Physical Review C 55 (1997) 2711-2714 [in2p3-00005837 - version 1]
Multicluster study of the $^(12)$C + n and $^(12)$C + p systems
Dufour M., Descouvemont P.
Physical Review C 56 (1997) 1831- [in2p3-00005836 - version 1]
Evidence for transient electric field gradients in H-like ions traversing Gd targets at high velocities
Grabowy U., Speidel K.H., Cub J., Busch H., Wollersheim H.J. et al
Physical Review Letters 79 (1997) 4538-4541 [in2p3-00005835 - version 1]
Evidence for ion beam induced attenuations of the static hyperfine field at recoil implanted $^(56)$Fe ions in Fe host
Speidel K.-H., Busch H., Grabowy U., Gohla A., Jakob G. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 122 (1997) 84-88 [in2p3-00005834 - version 1]
Preparation and properties of segmented Fe targets for transient-field measurements
Busch H., Speidel K.-H., Ernst R., Gohla A., Grabowy U. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 397 (1997) 105-109 [in2p3-00005833 - version 1]
Amorphous Fe targets for transient field measurements with heavy-ion beams.
Kleinen L., Speidel K.-H., Busch H., Ernst R., Gohla A. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 397 (1997) 52-54 [in2p3-00005832 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Shell model study of the neutron-rich nuclei around N=28
Retamosa J., Caurier E., Nowacki F., Poves A.
Physical Review C 55 (1997) 1266-1274 [in2p3-00016318 - version 1]
Coulomb displacement energies between analog levels for 3$\leq$A$\leq$239
Antony M.S., Pape A., Britz J.
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables 66 (1997) 1-63 [in2p3-00005639 - version 1]
Evaluation de l'incertitude de mesure de la dose annuelle en datation par luminescence (TL, OSL) et par RPE : une experience d'inter comparaison a la grotte XVI, Cenac et Saint-Julien, Dordogne
Bechtel F., Guibert P., Schvoerer M., Vartanian E., Fain J. et al
Revue d'Archeometrie 21 (1997) 21-27 [in2p3-00007827 - version 1]
Spatial dosimetry and spectrometry with neutron activation of remaining AG from nuclear emulsion
Baican B., Heilmann C., Portal G., Schopper E.
Radiation measurements 28 (1997) 419-422 [in2p3-00005635 - version 1]
High flux neutron production from $^(12)$C beams on heavy targets
Adloff J.C., Brandt R., Butsev V.S., Debeauvais M., Fernandez F. et al
Radiation measurements 28 (1997) 313-316 [in2p3-00005630 - version 1]
Solvent extraction of uranium (VI) and thorium (VI) with a tetra-carboxylated calix(4)arene and effect of alkali ions (Na+, K+)
Montavon G., Duplatre G., Asfari Z., Vicens J.
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 15 (1997) 169- [in2p3-00005624 - version 1]
Barrier distributions and scattering
Timmers H., Leigh J.R., Rowley N., Stefanini A.M., Ackermann D. et al
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 23 (1997) 1175-1181 [in2p3-00005623 - version 1]
Details of Nuclear Masses away from Stability: Pairing and Deformation effects
Burglin O., Rowley N.
Heavy Ion Physics 6 (1997) 189- [in2p3-00005622 - version 1]
Tunnelling in the presence of an Environment: Insights from the Fusion of Heavy ions
Rowley N.
Australian Journal of Physics 50 (1997) 731-744 [in2p3-00005621 - version 1]
Strong isotopic dependence of the fusion of $^(40)$Ca + $^(90,96)$Zr
Timmers H., Corradi L., Stefanini A.M., Ackermann D., He J.H. et al
Physics Letters B 399 (1997) 35-39 [in2p3-00005619 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Full pf shell study of A=47 and A=49 nuclei
Martinez-pinedo G., Poves A., Robledo L., Caurier E., Egido J. et al
Physical Review C 55 (1997) 187- [in2p3-00005617 - version 1]
Multicluster models for reactions of astrophysical interest
Descouvemont P., Dufour M.
Dans Nuclear Physics A - Nuclei in the Cosmos. Fourth International Symposium, États-Unis [in2p3-00009751 - version 1]