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A search for supernova produced $^(244)$Pu in a marine sediment
Raisbeck G., Tran T., Lunney D., Gaillard C., Goriely S. et al
Dans Nuclear Instrument and Methods in Physics Research B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms - Tenth International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, États-Unis [in2p3-00175531 - version 1]
fulltext access Structure of low-spin states in the doubly-odd $^(182)Ir$ nucleus
Hojman D., Sauvage J., Roussière B., Cardona M.A., Marguier G. et al
European Physical Journal A 33 (2007) 193-212 [in2p3-00166528 - version 1]
Nuclear potentials for sub-barrier fusion and cluster decay in $^(14)C$, $^(18)O$+$^(208)Pb$ systems
Sagaidak R.N., Tretyakova S.P., Khlebnikov S.V., Ogloblin A.A., Rowley N. et al
Physical Review C 76 (2007) 034605 [in2p3-00174340 - version 1]
Observation of a Rotational Band in the Odd-Z Transfermium Nucleus $^(251)_(101)$Md
Chatillon A., Theisen C., Bouchez E., Butler P.A., Clément E. et al
Physical Review Letters 98 (2007) 132503 [in2p3-00173992 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Search for new physics in top events with the $D\(0)$ detector
Ripp-Baudot I.
15th International Conference on Supersymmetry and the Unification of Fundamenatal Interactions (SUSY'07), Allemagne [in2p3-00173578 - version 1]
Electron Yields in Organic Scintilations studied by Nanosecond Protons and Alpha Pulses between 500 KeV and 8 MeV
Jung J.M., Boquet A., Gress H., Barillon R.
23nd International Conference on Nuclear Tracks in Solids, Chine [in2p3-00173278 - version 1]
Successful "In Silico" Design of New Efficient Uranyl Binders
Varnek A., Fourches D., Solov'Ev V., Klimchuk O., Ouadi A. et al
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 25 (2007) 433-462 [in2p3-00173136 - version 1]
Studies of a full scale mechanical prototype line for the ANTARES neutrino telescope and tests of a prototype instrument for deep-sea acoustic measurements
Ageron M., Aguilar J.A., Albert A., Ameli F., Anghinolfi M. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 581 (2007) 695-708 [in2p3-00172465 - version 1]
Barrier distribution for a 'superheavy' nucleus--nucleus collision
Ntshangasea S.S., Rowley N., Bark R.A., Förtsch S.V., Lawrie J.J. et al
Physics Letters B 651 (2007) 27-32 [in2p3-00172278 - version 1]
Symmetry breakdown and coupling constants of leptons
Marques G.C., Spehler D.
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 79 (2007) 195-208 [in2p3-00171924 - version 1]
$\alpha$ decay of $^(159)$Re and proton emission from $^(155)$Ta
Page R.D., Bianco L., Darby I.G., Uusitalo J., Joss D.T. et al
Physical Review C 75 (2007) 061302 [in2p3-00171810 - version 1]
Physics with tau's in the final states at CMS
Mangeol D.J.
Dans Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements - Ninth International Workshop on Tau Lepton Physics - TAU06, Italie [in2p3-00171131 - version 1]
Assessment of natural radioactivity and associated radiation hazards in some Cameroonian building materials
Ngachin M., Garavaglia M., Giovani C., Kwato Njock M.G., Nourreddine A.
Radiation measurements 42 (2007) 61-67 [in2p3-00170584 - version 1]
Forward rapidity physics with the BRAHMS experiment
Rami F.
High energy QCD: from RHIC to LHC, ECT, Italie [in2p3-00170160 - version 1]
Soft Physics in ALICE
Kuhn C.
Dans Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics - Strangeness in Quark Matter 2007, Slovaquie (2007) [in2p3-00167485 - version 1]
Spectroscopy of neutron-rich Fe isotopes populated in the $^(64)$Ni+$^(238)$U reaction
Lunardi S., Lenzi S.M., Della Vedova F., Farnea E., Gadea A. et al
Physical Review C 76 (2007) 034303 [in2p3-00169912 - version 1]
fulltext access Coplanar Ternary Cluster Decay of Hyper-deformed $^(56)$Ni
Efimov G., Zherebchevsky V., von Oertzen W., Gebauer B., Thummerer S. et al
[in2p3-00169805 - version 1] (05/09/2007)
K0 and Lambda production in Ni+Ni collisions near threshold
Merschmeyer M., Lopez X., Bastid N., Crochet P., Herrmann N. et al
Physical Review C 76 (2007) 024906 [in2p3-00169802 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Characterization of fragment emission in $^(20)$Ne (7 - 10 MeV/nucleon) + $^(12)$C reactions
Dey A., Bhattacharya C., Bhattacharya S., Kundu S., Banerjee K. et al
Physical Review C 76 (2007) 034608 [in2p3-00143661 - version 1]
Récidives ganglionnaires axillaires après lymphadénectomie sentinelle pour cancer du sein Axillary lymph node recurrence after sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer
Mathelin C., Salvador S., Guyonnet J.L.
Journal de gynécologie, obstétrique et biologie de la reproduction 36 (2007) 253 - 259 [in2p3-00167748 - version 1]