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Fast ice distribution in Adélie Land, East Antarctica: interannual variability and implications for emperor penguins Aptenodytes forsteri
Massom R. A., Hill K., Barbraud C., Adams N., Ancel A. et al
Marine Ecology Progress Series 374 (2009) 243-257 [hal-00362163 - version 1]
Structural and Functional Insights into the Ligand-binding Domain of a Nonduplicated Retinoid X Nuclear Receptor from the Invertebrate Chordate Amphioxus.
Tocchini-Valentini G. D., Rochel N., Escriva H., Germain P., Peluso-Iltis C. et al
The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284, 3 (2009) 1938-1948 [inserm-00357461 - version 1]
Méthode de typologie de l'espace adaptée à l'étude environnementale des phénomènes épidémiologiques relatifs à l'obésité et au sur-poids
Salze P., Badariotti D., Banos A., Weber C.
Théo Quant, France (2009) [halshs-00565755 - version 1]
Ortho-proteogenomics: multiple proteomes investigation through orthology and a new MS-based protocol.
Gallien S., Perrodou E., Carapito C., Deshayes C., Reyrat J.-M. et al
Genome Researchearch 19, 1 (2009) 128-35 [inserm-00357410 - version 1]
First determination of successive complexation constants in an ionic liquid: The UO22+/NO3- system in C4-mimTf2N as studied by UV-vis and chemometric methods
Billard I., Gaillard C., Georg S.
Dans Proceedings of the 31st International Conference on Solution Chemistry - 31st International Conference on Solution Chemistry, Autriche (2009) [in2p3-01018337 - version 1]
Ionic liquids for actinides extraction
Ouadi A., Jobin E., Klimchuk O., Gaillard C., Billard I.
Dans Proceedings of Actinides 2009 - Actinides 2009, États-Unis (2009) [in2p3-01018335 - version 1]
Complexation of U(VI) in room-temperature ionic liquids: competition between two strong ligands
Gaillard C., Billard I., Ouadi A., Wipff G., Chaumont A. et al
Dans Proceedings of Actinides 2009 - Actinides 2009, États-Unis (2009) [in2p3-01018333 - version 1]
LUSIPHER Large-Scale Ultra-fast Single PHoto-Electron trackeR
Dominjon A., Chabanat E., Depasse P., Barbier R., Baudot J. et al
Dans IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record - IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference 2009, États-Unis (2009) [in2p3-00784938 - version 1]
Free radicals run in lizard families: a mitochondrial uncoupling phenomenon or not?
Criscuolo F., Bouillaud F.
Biology Letters 5, 3 (2009) 343-344 [hal-00756032 - version 1]
Ge detectors Phase I - Phase II
Hauschild K., Gall B.
S3 WORKSHOP (Super Separator Spectrometer Workshop), France (2009) [in2p3-00725160 - version 1]
Complete and Incomplete Fusion of 6He and 6Li Projectiles with Medium Mass Targets at Energy ∼ 10 AMeV
A. Krupko S., V. Daniel A., S. Fomichev A., S. Golovkov M., A. Gorshkov V. et al
In AIP Conference Proceedings - International Conference on New Aspects of Heavy Ion Collisions Near the Coulomb Barrier, United States (2008) [in2p3-00724942 - version 1]
Isomers in fission fragments
Urban W., Faust H., Jentschel M., Köster U., Krempel J. et al
Dans AIP Conference Proceedings - 13th International Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics, Allemagne (2008) [in2p3-00694315 - version 1]
Position resolution of the prototype AGATA triple-cluster detector from an in-beam experiment
Recchia F., Bazzacco D., Farnea E., Gadea A., Venturelli R. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 604 (2009) 555-562 [in2p3-00685733 - version 1]
Molique H., Dudek J., Rybak K., G. Porquet M.
Dans Acta Physica Polonica B - 43rd Zakopane Conference on Nuclear Physics, Pologne (2008) [in2p3-00674926 - version 1]
Influence of the neutron excess on binary decays in 78,82Kr+40Ca at 5.5 MeV/A reactions
Weleczko J., Ademard G., Bonnet E., Chbihi A., Frankland J.D. et al
In Proceedings of the International Conference Nuclear Structure and Related Topics - International Conference Nuclear Structure and Related Topics, Russian Federation (2009) [in2p3-00632512 - version 1]
Individual and social determinants of spontaneous group movements in cattle and sheep
Ramseyer A., Boissy A., Thierry B., Dumont B.
animal 3, 9 (2009) 1319-1326 [hal-00569432 - version 1]
Flipper bands modify the short-term diving behaviour of Little Penguins
M. Fallow P., Chiaradia A., Ropert-Coudert Y., Kato A., D. Reina R.
Journal of Wildlife Management 73, 8 (2009) 1348-1354 [hal-00536192 - version 1]
Sensors-based data fusion solution design for 3D motion estimation with application in bio-logging
Fourati H., Manamanni N., Afilal L., Handrich Y.
International Journal of Sciences and Techniques of Automatic control & computer engineering 3, 2 (2009) 1012-1031 [hal-00520540 - version 1]
Palladium Nanowires Synthesized in Hexagonal Mesophases: Application in Ethanol Electrooxidation
Ksar F., Surendran G., Ramos L., Keita B., Nadjo L. et al
Chemistry of Materials 21 (2009) 1612-1617 [hal-00514226 - version 1]
Species- and sex-specific differences in foraging behaviour and foraging zones in blue-footed and brown boobies in the Gulf of California
Weimerskirch H., A. Shaffer S., Tremblay Y., P. Costa D., Gadenne H. et al
Marine Ecology Progress Series 391 (2009) 267-278 [hal-00511439 - version 1]