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Variational I/N expansion in stochastic quantization with an auxiliary field
Berard A., Grandati X., Grange P.
International Journal of Theoretical Physics 36 (1997) 613- [in2p3-00005889 - version 1]
Stochastic quantization of instantons
Grandati Y., Berard A., Grange P.
Annals of Physics 246 (1996) 291-324 [in2p3-00004378 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Broken phase of the O$\bf (N)\,\phi^4$ model in light cone quantization and $\bf 1/N$ expansion
Borderies A., Grangé P., Werner E.
Physics Letters B 345 (1995) 458-468 [in2p3-00129428 - version 1]
Light cone quantization and 1/N expansion
Borderies A., Grange P., Werner E.
Physics Letters B 319 (1993) 490-496 [in2p3-00009328 - version 1]
Variational 1/N expansion of the self-energy in stochastic quantization of the O(N) $\phi^4$ theory
Grandati Y., Berard A., Grange P.
Physics Letters B 304 (1993) 298-306 [in2p3-00022568 - version 1]
Exact partition functions of interacting lattice fermions
Grandati Y., Berard A., Grange P.
Journal of Mathematical Physics 33 (1992) 1082-1089 [in2p3-00004769 - version 1]
Consistent three-nucleon forces in the nuclear many-body problem
Grange P., Lejeune A., Martzolff M., Mathiot J.F.
Physical Review C 40 (1989) 1040-1060 [in2p3-00005657 - version 1]
Parity violation Asymmetry in Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering
Avishai Y., Grange P.
Nuclear Physics A 491 (1989) 77- [in2p3-00005524 - version 1]
Temperature dependent effective interactions
Lejeune A., Grange P., Cugnon J.
Dans Proceedings of the International Nuclear Physics Conference - International Nuclear Physics Conference, Royaume-Uni [in2p3-00009267 - version 1]
Medium effects in the nuclear landau-vlassov transport theory
Cugnon J., Lejeune A., Grange P.
Physical Review C 35 (1987) 861-864 [in2p3-00009244 - version 1]
Nuclear mean field with correlations at finite temperature
Grange P., Cugnon J., Lejeune A.
Nuclear Physics A 473 (1987) 365-393 [in2p3-00006294 - version 1]
Cugnon J., Grange P., Lejeune A.
Dans Journal de Physique Colloques - International Workshop On Semiclassical And Phase Space Approaches To The Dynamics Of The Nucleus, France (1987) [jpa-00226512 - version 1]
Hot nuclear matter in an extended brueckner approach
Lejeune A., Grange P., Martzolff M., Cugnon J.
Nuclear Physics A 453 (1986) 189-219 [in2p3-00009112 - version 1]
Parity violating observables in n+p $\rightarrow$ d+y with a realistic weak model and the Paris NN potential
Morioka S., Grange P., Avishai Y.
Nuclear Physics A 457 (1986) 518- [in2p3-00006352 - version 1]
Nuclear dissipation, fission probability and neutron multiplicity prior to fission
Hassani S., Grange P.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 325 (1986) 95- [in2p3-00006339 - version 1]
Effect of nuclear dissipation on neutron emission prior to fission
Grange P., Hassani S., Weidenmueller H.A., Gavron A., Nix J.R. et al
Physical Review C 34 (1986) 209-217 [in2p3-00006338 - version 1]
Nuclear friction and lifetime of induced fission
Bhatt K.H., Grange P., Hiller B.
Physical Review C 33 (1986) 954-968 [in2p3-00006324 - version 1]
Neutron emission prior to fission
Gavron A., Gayer A., Boissevain J., Britt H.C., Nix J.R. et al
Physics Letters B 176 (1986) 312-316 [in2p3-00014845 - version 1]
Lejeune A., Cugnon J., Grange P.
Dans Journal de Physique Colloques - International Conference On Heavy Ion Nuclear Collisions In The Fermi Energy Domain,Hicofed 86, France (1986) [jpa-00225808 - version 1]
Momentum and frequency dependence of the self-energy in nuclear matter: a path to study the effective nucleon-nucleon interaction
Lejeune A., Bernard V., Grange P., Martzolff M.
in Proceedings of the Conference on Neutron-Nucleus collisions: a probe of Nuclear Structure - Conference on Neutron-Nucleus Collisions: a probe of Nuclear Structure, United States [in2p3-00009264 - version 1]