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The effect of highly ionising particles on the CMS silicon strip tracker
Adam W., Bergauer T., Friedl M., Fruehwirth R., Hrubec J. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 543 (2005) 463-482 [in2p3-00024351 - version 1]
The CERN CMS silicon strip tracker control system
Drouhin F., Gross L., Vintache D., Marchioro A., Paillard C. et al
[in2p3-00023993 - version 1] (06/04/2005)
Tracker Data Acquisition for Beamtest and Integration
Mirabito L., Siegrist P., Tsirou A., Ageron M., Lumb N. et al
Rapport de recherche (2003) [in2p3-00024698 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Front-end electronics configuration system for CMS
Gras P., Funk W., Gross L., Vintache D., Drouhin F.
Dans 8th International Conference on Accelerator and large experimental physics Control systems (ICALEPS 2001) - International Conference on accelerator and large experimental physics control systems 8 ICALEPCS 2001, États-Unis [in2p3-00012748 - version 1]