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Magnetic moment and lifetime of the first excited state of mirror nuclei $^(21)$Ne and $^(21)$Na
Beck F.A., Byrski T., Costa G., Vivien J.P.
Physical Review C 16 (1977) 679-687 [in2p3-00006903 - version 1]
High spin states in the mirror nuclei $^(15)$O and $^(15)$N
Kraus L., Linck I., Sens J.C., Toulemonde M.
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods - Conference On The Physics Of Tandem And Nuclear Physics Workshop, Italie [in2p3-00006902 - version 1]
Simulation of the Pauli-principle effects in the description of light ion scattering and bound states.
Becker F., Strykowski I.
Nuclear Physics A 289 (1977) 425- [in2p3-00006901 - version 1]
Analysis of $\alpha-^7$Li elastic and inelastic scattering at low energy with a simple model of Pauli-principle effects
Becker F., Strykowski I.
Nuclear Physics A 289 (1977) 446- [in2p3-00006900 - version 1]
Stopping power and straggling of $^(1)$H and $^4$He in ZnTe and CdTe
Pape A., Hage-Ali M., Refaei S.M., Siffert P., Cooperman E.L.
Radiation Effects 33 (1977) 193- [in2p3-00018046 - version 1]
The decay of a Tz = - 2 nucleus: Argon-32
Hagberg E., Hansen P.G., Hardy J.C., Huck A., Jonson B. et al
Physical Review Letters 39 (1977) 792- [in2p3-00006899 - version 1]
Spectroscopy of proton hole states in the Thallium nuclei with the ($\overrightarrow(t),\alpha$) reaction
Flynn E.R., Hardekopf R.A., Sherman J.D., Sunier J.W., Coffin J.P.
Nuclear Physics A 279 (1977) 394-412 [in2p3-00018044 - version 1]
Mise en evidence du phenomene de friction dans les reactions de transfert induites par ions lourds
Oeschler H., Coffin J.P., Engelstein P., Gallmann A., Sim K.S. et al
Physics Letters B 71 (1977) 63- [in2p3-00018043 - version 1]
Pre-equilibrium alpha emission accompanying deep-inelastic $^(16)$O+$^(58)$Ni collisions
Ho H., Albrecht R., Duennweber W., Graw G., Steadman S.G. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 283 (1977) 235-245 [in2p3-00018042 - version 1]
Levels of $^(68)$Ge excited by the (p,t) reaction
Guilbault F., Ardouin D., Tamisier R., Avignon P., Vergnes M. et al
Physical Review C 15 (1977) 894- [in2p3-00006898 - version 1]
Heavy-ion fusion-evaporation reactions: high spin states in $^(43)$Ca and $^(43)$Sc
Poletti A.R., Warburton E.K., Olness J.W., Kolata J.J., Gorodetzky P.
Physical Review C 13 (1977) 1180- [in2p3-00018041 - version 1]
Reaction cross sections for $^(16)$O + $^(16)$O
Kolata J.J., Fuller R.C., Freeman R.M., Haas F., Heusch B. et al
Physical Review C 16 (1977) 891-894 [in2p3-00006897 - version 1]
Structure in the reaction cross sections for $^(16)$O + $^(16)$O.
Kolata J.J., Freeman R.M., Haas F., Heusch B., Gallmann A.
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 21 (1977) 629- [in2p3-00006896 - version 1]
The lowest five levels of $^(25)$Na: lifetime, spin and transition strength measurements
Bertini R., Joly S., Merdinger J.C., Antony M.S., Kiss A. et al
Nuclear Physics A 283 (1977) 64- [in2p3-00006895 - version 1]
New states in $^(18)$F
Kolata J.J., Freeman R.M., Haas F., Heusch B., Gallmann A.
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 21 (1977) 97- [in2p3-00018040 - version 1]
Search for simple configurations in $^(18)$F. I. The $^(17)$O(p,p)$^(17)$O reaction
Sens J.C., Refaei S.M., Ben Mohamed A., Pape A.
Physical Review C 16 (1977) 2129-2134 [in2p3-00018039 - version 1]
Experimental study of the $^(12)$C($^3$He,p)$^(14)$N reaction mechanism between 11 and 20 MeV
Heusch B., Haas F., Freeman R.M., Gallmann A.
Physical Review C 15 (1977) 1196- [in2p3-00006894 - version 1]
Splitting of the giant quadrupole resonance in light deformed nuclei
Abgrall Y., Morand B., Caurier E., Grammaticos B.
Physical Review Letters 39 (1977) 922-924 [in2p3-00006893 - version 1]
Isotopic exchange in a neutron-irradiated mixed-valence compound: Tl$_3^I$Tl$^(III)$Cl$_6$
Valverde S.F., Duplatre G.
Radiochimica Acta 24 (1977) 121-123 [in2p3-00006883 - version 1]
Gamma transitions of excited levels of $^(62)$Cu
Chouraqui G., Muller T., Port M., Thirion J.M.
Nuclear Physics A 277 (1977) 221-238 [in2p3-00017987 - version 1]