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fulltext access Titanium dioxide nanoparticle impact and translocation through ex vivo, in vivo and in vitro gut epithelia.
Brun E., Barreau F., Veronesi G., Fayard B., Sorieul S. et al
Particle and Fibre Toxicology 11, 1 (2014) 13 [inserm-00971511 - version 1]
Growing up in the family or growing up alone influences behavior and hormones, but not arginine vasopressin receptor 1a expression in male African striped mice.
Schradin C., Larke R. H., Bales K. L.
Physiology and Behavior 129 (2014) 205-213 [hal-00969471 - version 1]
Short- and long-term effects of litter size manipulation in a small wild-derived rodent
Lehto Hürlimann M., Stier A., Scholly O., Criscuolo F., Bize P.
Biology Letters 10 (2014) 20131096 [hal-00966446 - version 1]
Increased brood size leads to persistent eroded telomeres
Reichert S., Stier A., Zahn S., Arrivé M., Bize P. et al
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (2014) in press [hal-00966431 - version 1]
fulltext access Empathy versus Parsimony in Understanding Post-Conflict Affiliation in Monkeys: Model and Empirical Data.
Puga-Gonzalez I., Butovskaya M., Thierry B., Hemelrijk C. K.
PLoS ONE 9, 3 (2014) e91262 [hal-00966420 - version 1]
Experimental increase of testosterone increases boldness and decreases anxiety in male African striped mouse helpers
Raynaud J., Schradin C.
Physiology and Behavior 129 (2014) 57-63 [hal-00959994 - version 1]
Absence of reproductive suppression in young adult female striped mice living in their natal family
Schradin C., Pillay N.
Animal Behaviour 90 (2014) 141-148 [hal-00956880 - version 1]
Telomere length and individual quality: does telomerase activity play a role?
Reichert S., Bize P., Arrivé M., Massemin S., Criscuolo F.
Experimental Gerontology 52 (2014) 36-38 [hal-00955938 - version 1]
Effect of deadwood management on saproxylic beetle richness in the floodplain forests of northern Italy: some measures for deadwood sustainable use
Della Rocca F., Stefanelli S., Pasquaretta C., Campanaro A., Bogliani G.
Journal of Insect Conservation 18 (2014) 121-136 [hal-00955926 - version 1]
Measuring telomere length and telomere dynamics in evolutionary biology and ecology
H. Nussey D., Baird D., Barrett E., Boner W., Fairlie J. et al
Methods in Ecology and Evolution (2014) in press [hal-00955289 - version 1]
Differential effects of increased corticosterone on behavior at the nest and reproductive output of chick-rearing Adélie penguins
Mathilde Thierry A., Brajon S., Spée M., Raclot T.
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology (2014) in press [hal-00943194 - version 1]
fulltext access How cheap is soaring flight in raptors? A preliminary investigation in freely-flying vultures
Duriez O., Kato A., Tromp C., Dell'Omo G., L. Vyssotski A. et al
PLoS ONE 9 (2014) e84887 [hal-00932748 - version 1]
The function of postconflict interactions: new prospects from the study of a tolerant species of primate
Duboscq J., Agil M., Engelhardt A., Thierry B.
Animal Behaviour 87 (2014) 107-120 [hal-00931569 - version 1]
Negotiations over Grooming in Wild Vervet Monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus)
Van De Waal E., Spinelli M., Bshary R., Frank Huascar Ros A., Noë R.
International Journal of Primatology (2014) in press [hal-00927672 - version 1]
Foraging movements and habitat niche of two closely related searbirds breeding in sympatry
Afan I., Navarro J., Cardador L., Ramirez F., Kato A. et al
Marine Biology 161, 3 (2014) 657-668 [hal-00927655 - version 1]
Socio-spatial cognition in vervet monkeys.
Noë R., Laporte M.
Animal Cognition (2014) epub ahead of print [hal-00925838 - version 1]
A combination of whey protein and potassium bicarbonate supplements during head-down-tilt bed rest: Presentation of a multidisciplinary randomized controlled trial (MEP study)
Buehlmeier J., Mulder E., Noppe A., Frings-Meuthen P., Angerer O. et al
Acta Astronautica 95 (2014) 82-91 [hal-00911696 - version 1]
Corticosterone administration leads to a transient alteration of foraging behaviour and complexity in a diving seabird
Cottin M., J. J. Macintosh A., Kato A., Takahashi A., Debin M. et al
Marine Ecology Progress Series 496 (2014) 249-262 [hal-00881562 - version 1]
Validity of doubly labeled water in obese subjects: questioning the validity of any technique requires an indisputable accuracy of the reference method.
Yamada Y., Blanc S., Nishida Y., Nishijima K., Ebine N. et al
AJP - Endocrinology and Metabolism 305, 9 (2013) E1178-1180 [hal-00881600 - version 1]
fulltext access Socio-spatial cognition in vervet monkeys.
Noë R., Laporte M.
Animal Cognition (2013) 27 p. [hal-00914516 - version 1]