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fulltext accessible on an other server In vivo tmRNA protection by SmpB and pre-ribosome binding conformation in solution.
Ranaei-Siadat E., Mérigoux C., Seijo B., Ponchon L., Saliou J.-M. et al
RNA (2014) [hal-01058972 - version 1]
fulltext access Socio-spatial cognition in vervet monkeys.
Noë R., Laporte M.
Animal Cognition 17, 3 (2014) 597-607 [hal-00914516 - version 1]
fulltext access Windscapes shape seabird instantaneous energy costs but adult behavior buffers impact on offspring
H. Elliott K., S. Chivers L., Bessey L., J. Gaston A., A. Hatch S. et al
Movement Ecology 2 (2014) 17 [hal-01068796 - version 1]
Elevation impacts the balance between growth and oxidative stress in coal tits.
Stier A., Delestrade A., Zahn S., Arrivé M., Criscuolo F. et al
Oecologia 175, 3 (2014) 791-800 [hal-01067742 - version 1]
Mutations in CNTNAP1 and ADCY6 are responsible for severe arthrogryposis multiplex congenita with axoglial defects
Laquérriere A., Maluenda J., Camus A., Fontenas L., Dieterich K. et al
Human Molecular Genetics 23, 9 (2014) 2279--2289 [hal-01064295 - version 1]
Exacerbated oxidative stress in the fasting liver according to fuel partitioning.
Wasselin T., Zahn S., Maho Y. L., Dorsselaer A. V., Raclot T. et al
PROTEOMICS 14, 16 (2014) 1905-1921 [hal-01062797 - version 1]
Leptin levels in free ranging striped mice (Rhabdomys pumilio) increase when food decreases: the ecological leptin hypothesis.
Schradin C., Raynaud J., Arrivé M., Blanc S.
General and Comparative Endocrinology 206 (2014) 139-145 [hal-01062781 - version 1]
Chronic mitochondrial uncoupling treatment prevents acute cold-induced oxidative stress in birds
Stier A., Massemin S., Criscuolo F.
Journal of Comparative Physiology B (2014) in press [hal-01060252 - version 1]
Conclusions: Present and Future of Southern Ocean Biogeography.
Koubbi P., De Broyer C., Griffiths H. J., Raymond B., D'udekem D'acoz C. et al
Dans Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean (2014) 469-475 [hal-01059496 - version 1]
Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean.
De Broyer C., Koubbi P., Griffiths H. J., Raymond B., D'udekem D'acoz C. et al
(2014) 498 [hal-01059452 - version 1]
Ageing gracefully: physiology but not behaviour declines with age in a diving seabird
H. Elliott K., F. Hare J., Le Vaillant M., J. Gaston A., Ropert-Coudert Y. et al
Functional Ecology (2014) in press [hal-01037965 - version 1]
The importance of social play network for infant or juvenile wild chimpanzees at Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania.
Shimada M., Sueur C.
American Journal of Primatology (2014) epub ahead of print [hal-01021479 - version 1]
fulltext access Factors affecting date of implantation, parturition, and den entry estimated from activity and body temperature in free-ranging brown bears.
Friebe A., Evans A. L., Arnemo J. M., Blanc S., Brunberg S. et al
PLoS ONE 9, 7 (2014) e101410 [hal-01021473 - version 1]
King penguin demography since the last glaciation inferred from genome-wide data.
Trucchi E., Gratton P., Whittington J. D., Cristofari R., Le Maho Y. et al
Biology Letters 281, 1787 (2014) epub ahead of print [hal-01015210 - version 1]
fulltext access Emperors in Hiding: When Ice-Breakers and Satellites Complement Each Other in Antarctic Exploration.
Ancel A., Cristofari R., Fretwell P. T., Trathan P. N., Wienecke B. et al
PLoS ONE 9, 6 (2014) e100404 [hal-01015195 - version 1]
Bonobos and orangutans, but not chimpanzees, flexibly plan for the future in a token-exchange task
Bourjade M., Call J., Pelé M., Maumy-Bertrand M., Dufour V.
Animal Cognition (2014) in press [hal-01015182 - version 1]
Arginine vasopressin plasma levels change seasonally in African striped mice but do not differ between alternative reproductive tactics.
Schoepf I., Schradin C.
General and Comparative Endocrinology 204 (2014) 43-48 [hal-01015176 - version 1]
fulltext access Maternal Effects Underlie Ageing Costs of Growth in the Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata).
Tissier M. L., Williams T. D., Criscuolo F.
PLoS ONE 9, 5 (2014) e97705 [hal-00994496 - version 1]
The function of greetings in male Tonkean macaques.
De Marco A., Sanna A., Cozzolino R., Thierry B.
American Journal of Primatology (2014) epub ahead of print [hal-00994480 - version 1]
fulltext access Modelling animal group fission using social network dynamics
Sueur C., Maire A.
PLoS ONE 9, 5 (2014) e97813 [hal-00992101 - version 1]