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Investigation of covalency in CrI$_3$ using Moessbauer spectroscopy of $^(129)$I
Sanchez J.P., Djermouni B., Friedt J.M., Shenoy G.K.
Hyperfine Interactions 1 (1976) 313-321 [in2p3-00018376 - version 1]
Dependence of Moessbauer resonance intensities on vibrational lattice anisotropy in case of an axial electric field gradient
Shenoy G.K., Friedt J.M.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 136 (1976) 569-574 [in2p3-00018374 - version 1]
Radiation damage in solid butane irradiated by Xe$^+$, Kr$^+$, Ar$^+$, Ne$^+$ and He$^+$ ions with energies below 1500 eV
Cailleret J., Paulus J.M.
Radiation Effects 28 (1976) 169-175 [in2p3-00018371 - version 1]
Test of the Zweig rule in $\pi^-$p interactions at 19 GeV/c
Woodworth P.L., Treille D., Thompson A.S., Strub R., Sonderegger P. et al
Physics Letters B 65 (1976) 89-91 [in2p3-00018321 - version 1]
Study of the dp to dp $\pi^+ \pi^-$ and np to pp $\pi^-$ reactions in dp collisions at 11.9 GeV/c
Braun H., Brick D., Fridman A., Gerber J.P., Juillot P. et al
Il Nuovo Cimento A 35 (1976) 405-418 [in2p3-00018318 - version 1]
Charged multiplicity distributions in pd and $\pi^+$d interactions at 195 GeV/c
Eisenberg Y., Haber B., Hochman D., Karshon U., Ronat E.E. et al
Physics Letters B 60 (1976) 305-308 [in2p3-00018290 - version 1]
Evidence for high mass $\overline(N)N$ and $\overline(N)N\pi$ enhancements observed in $\bar pd$ interactions at 5.55 GeV/c
Braun H., Brick D., Fridman A., Gerber J.P., Juillot P. et al
Physics Letters B 60 (1976) 481-484 [in2p3-00018289 - version 1]
Gamma decays of positive parity states in $^(45)$Sc
Toulemonde M., Chevallier J., Haas B., Schulz N., Styczen J.
Nuclear Physics A 262 (1976) 307-316 [in2p3-00007313 - version 1]
Study of delayed neutrons from the reaction $^(10)$Be+$^(11)$B
Fintz P., Guillaume G., Jundt F., Ordonez I., Gallmann A.
Nuclear Physics A A259 (1976) 493-495 [in2p3-00018256 - version 1]
Study of $^(17)$N by the reaction $^(18)$O(t, $\alpha \gamma$)$^(17)$N
Guillaume G., Rastegar B., Fintz P., Gallmann A.
Nuclear Physics A A272 (1976) 338-352 [in2p3-00018255 - version 1]
Recoil-distance lifetime measurements of levels in $^(36)$Ar and $^(36)$Cl
Costa G., Alexander T.K., Forster J.S., McDonald A.B., Towner I.S.
Nuclear Physics A 256 (1976) 277-300 [in2p3-00018241 - version 1]
Impact parameter analysis of coherent and incoherent pion productions on nuclei by 11.7 GeV/c $\pi^+$
Arnold R., Barshay S., Riester J.L.
Il Nuovo Cimento A 35 (1976) 58-68 [in2p3-00018112 - version 1]
Density oscillations within hadrons
Arnold R., Barshay S.
Il Nuovo Cimento A 35 (1976) 457-464 [in2p3-00018111 - version 1]
Detection of neutrons of intermediate energy using $^(10)$B, enclosed in a coaxial Ge(Li) counter
Huck A., Klotz G., Walter G.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 133 (1976) 125-129 [in2p3-00006947 - version 1]
Electronic and magnetic properties of RESu$_3$ compounds from $^(119)$Sn Moessbauer spectroscopy
Sanchez J.P., Friedt J.M., Shenoy G.K., Percheron A., Achard J.C.
Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics 9 (1976) 2207-2215 [in2p3-00006946 - version 1]
Chemical state of $^(83)$Br formed in the beta decay of $^(83)$Se in potassium selenate
Tenorio D., Bulbulian S., Adloff J.P.
Radiochemical and Radioanalytical Letters 24 (1976) 61-66 [in2p3-00006945 - version 1]
Performance of a scintillation counter stack used to measure proton momenta by range and dE/dx
Blaising J.J., Callot O., Morand R.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 133 (1976) 93-98 [in2p3-00018078 - version 1]
The M1 strength distribution in the gamma -decay of the g$_(9/2)$ analogue state in $^(61)$Cu
Bergdolt G., Bergdolt A.M., Klapdor H.V., Schrader M.
Nuclear Physics A 263 (1976) 477-490 [in2p3-00018077 - version 1]
Recoil-distance lifetime measurements of states in $^(47)$V and $^(47)$Ti induced by heavy-ion reactions
Toulemonde M., Schulz N., Merdinger J.C., Engelstein P.
Physical Review C 13 (1976) 1889-1892 [in2p3-00006944 - version 1]
Magnetic moment of the 2543 keV 7$^+$ state in $^(40)$K
Bozek E., Gehringer C., Merdinger J.C., Ogawa K., Vivien J.P.
Nuclear Physics A 264 (1976) 151-156 [in2p3-00006943 - version 1]