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Chemical state of $^(83)$Br formed in the beta decay of $^(83)$Se in potassium selenate
Tenorio D., Bulbulian S., Adloff J.P.
Radiochemical and Radioanalytical Letters 24 (1976) 61-66 [in2p3-00006945 - version 1]
Performance of a scintillation counter stack used to measure proton momenta by range and dE/dx
Blaising J.J., Callot O., Morand R.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 133 (1976) 93-98 [in2p3-00018078 - version 1]
The M1 strength distribution in the gamma -decay of the g$_(9/2)$ analogue state in $^(61)$Cu
Bergdolt G., Bergdolt A.M., Klapdor H.V., Schrader M.
Nuclear Physics A 263 (1976) 477-490 [in2p3-00018077 - version 1]
Recoil-distance lifetime measurements of states in $^(47)$V and $^(47)$Ti induced by heavy-ion reactions
Toulemonde M., Schulz N., Merdinger J.C., Engelstein P.
Physical Review C 13 (1976) 1889-1892 [in2p3-00006944 - version 1]
Magnetic moment of the 2543 keV 7$^+$ state in $^(40)$K
Bozek E., Gehringer C., Merdinger J.C., Ogawa K., Vivien J.P.
Nuclear Physics A 264 (1976) 151-156 [in2p3-00006943 - version 1]
Angular correlation and gamma ray linear polarization measurements in $^(29)$Al
Beck F.A., Byrski T., Knipper A., Vivien J.P.
Physical Review C 13 (1976) 1792-1800 [in2p3-00006942 - version 1]
Radiative width of the first T=2 state in $^8$Be
Noe J.W., Geesaman D.F., Paul P., Suffert M.
Physics Letters B 65 (1976) 125-127 [in2p3-00018076 - version 1]
Three-body force contribution in nuclear matter via perturbation and proper Brueckner calculation
Grange P., Martzolff M.
Lettere al Nuovo Cimento Della Societa Italiana di Fisica 16 (1976) 156-160 [in2p3-00006941 - version 1]
A comparison between various expressions for effective interactions and operators in nuclei
Richert J., Schucan T.H., Simbel M.H., Weidenmuller H.A.
Annals of Physics 96 (1976) 139-157 [in2p3-00006939 - version 1]
Three-body force in nuclear matter
Grange P., Martzolff M., Nogami Y., Sprung D.W.L., Ross C.K.
Physics Letters B 60 (1976) 237-240 [in2p3-00006929 - version 1]
Fluorescence decay time measurements in tetracene crystals excited with synchrotron radiation
Lopez-Delgado R., Miehe J.A., Sipp B.
Optics Communications 19 (1976) 79- [in2p3-00018074 - version 1]
Electronic and magnetic properties of metal diiodides Mi$_2$ (M=V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni and Cd) from $^(129)$I Moessbauer spectroscopy
Friedt J.M., Sanchez J.P., Shenoy G.K.
Journal of Chemical Physics 65 (1976) 5093-5102 [in2p3-00006925 - version 1]
A TV camera system for digitizing single shot oscillograms at a sweep rate of 0.1 ns/cm
Kienlen M., Knispel G., Miehe J.A., Sipp B.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 137 (1976) 257-259 [in2p3-00018073 - version 1]
Picosecond trigger system useful in mode-locked laser pulse measurements
Cunin B., Miehe J.A., Sipp B., Thebault J.
Review of Scientific Instruments 47 (1976) 1435- [in2p3-00018071 - version 1]
Evidence for the production of heavy vector mesons in antiproton-proton annihilation at rest
Bassompierre G., Binder G., Dalpiaz P., Gissinger G., Jacquey S. et al
Physics Letters B 65 (1976) 397- [in2p3-00018061 - version 1]
The g-factor of the 6$^+$ state in $^(50)$Ti
Bozek E., Haas B., Ingarden-Dutkiewicz B., Krolas K., Merdinger J.C. et al
Nuclear Physics A 266 (1976) 457-460 [in2p3-00006185 - version 1]
Survey of electromagnetic properties of positive parity states in odd 1f$_(7/2)$ shell nuclei
Styczen J., Chevallier J., Haas B., Schulz N., Taras P. et al
Nuclear Physics A 262 (1976) 317-327 [in2p3-00006184 - version 1]
Lifetime of the 8040 keV state in $^(44)$Ti
Britz J., Chevallier A., Chevallier J., Haas B.
Nuclear Physics A 262 (1976) 189-195 [in2p3-00006182 - version 1]
Deformation systematics for the positive parity states in the 1f$_(7/2)$ shell
Haas B., Chevallier J., Knipper A., Styczen J., Taras P.
Physics Letters B 61 (1976) 141-143 [in2p3-00006165 - version 1]
Lowest T = 2 state of $^(36)$Ar via the $^(35)$Cl(p, $\gamma)^(36)$Ar reaction
Huck A., Costa G., Walter G., Aleonard M.M., Dalmas J. et al
Physical Review C 13 (1976) 1786-1791 [in2p3-00017054 - version 1]