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International nuclear physics conference INPC 98, Paris : France
Large scale diagonalizations in the $pf$ shell: Achievements and perspectives
E. Caurier1, F. Nowacki1, A.P. Zuker1, G. Martínez-Pinedo, A. Poves, J. Retamosa

The $(SM)^2$ (Strasbourg-Madrid Shell Model) calculations in the full pf-shell are reviewed. We examine first some issues concerning codes and interactions. Then we list the predictions that have been experimentally verified, and give a description of the main findings concerning rotational motion. The last section introduces some new material on binomial level densities, and on convergence properties in the Lanczos basis. It will be shown how the largest calculation done so far could be made more economically.
1 :  IReS - Institut de Recherches Subatomiques
Physique/Physique Nucléaire Théorique