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15th International Conference on Supersymmetry and the Unification of Fundamenatal Interactions (SUSY'07), Karlsruhe : Allemagne
Search for new physics in top events with the $D\{0}$ detector
I. Ripp-Baudot1
D0 Collaboration(s)

This review is focused on the search for new processes, performed with top quark events in D{\O}. It presents four updated or new D{\O} results. The two first analyses deal with top production properties: they search for a new heavy resonance decaying to top-antitop. The two last results concern top decay properties: the measurement of the $W$ helicity as a probe of the $tWb$ coupling structure, and the top quark branching ratio to $Wb$. Neither of these measurements reveal any deviation with respect to the standard model predictions.
1 :  DRS-IPHC - Département Recherches Subatomiques
Physique/Physique des Hautes Energies - Expérience
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